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  1. Samw1993

    DIY Respray - Gun Metal Grey

    I know what responses this is going to get, so please refrain from using the following. "Don't do it" "Take it to a bodyshop" "It's not worth the time" etc etc. I've done some research and continuing so, I am planning on respraying my A3, I've found a spray booth to rent, happy days :) and...
  2. Samw1993

    1997 1.8t AGU Build Thread

    So I recently saw the light and bought myself an Audi! Oh happy days :D! She's not the prettiest however with time care and attention she'll be perfect ...I hope. I'm going to keep this thread updated with what I'm doing. It will be slow progress but please bare with me. So this is the car in...
  3. Samw1993

    The joys of fuel lines

    HELP!!!! I did a service on my car including fuel filter. Managed to break one of those stupid little clips so as a temporary measure have jubilee clipped in a short length of pipe however this is not standing up to the test of time. Can anybody revise on a permanent repair or where to source...
  4. Samw1993

    1st Audi!

    Popped my cherry and finally gone and bought an A3! 1.8t AGU with 113,000 miles :) Got her home and in the space of a week had to change the water pump boo :( S2000 airfilter done now. Plenty in the pipeline :) Body work next!
  5. Samw1993

    Pre Facelift Double Din Non Air Con

    This seems to be a subject discussed in length however I have yet to find anybody who has done it with the none climate control console. I have a 97 pre facelift no a/c no climate and want to double din it. It looks like there may be enough space to extend the existing opening. Has anybody done...