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  1. JPD125

    Dorset/Hampshire Meets?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of any meets in Dorset/Hampshire? Have searched here and a few other sites all seems very quiet....
  2. JPD125

    What do you like?

  3. JPD125

    Detailer recommends Dorset?

    Bournemouth/Poole area to be more precise. Any detailers anyone would recommend? Many thanks!
  4. JPD125

    New or used?

    I did a quote a few months back through CarWow and a few dealers were offering approx 4-5% of a new specced car with a value of 50k ish. That’s said, the order list is currently closed for many of the S and RS models for the foreseeable future. I spoke to 3 dealers who said they didn’t know...
  5. JPD125

    RS3 MPG - what is the best you have achieved ?

    39.2 a few days ago on motorway over about 80 miles doing 50-70 in traffic. Genuinely surprised it was that good!
  6. JPD125

    What do you do for a job?

    Business Jet Pilot for a small corporate outfit.
  7. JPD125

    RNSE Draining car battery?

    On a side note, is there a fuse in the car anywhere that controls power to the bluetooth module?. Just keen on killing the power to it for the time being until I source a replacement.
  8. JPD125

    RNSE Draining car battery?

    Thanks for the reply craig. Any idea if this AUDI A3 INTERFACE BOX FOR HANDSFREE 8P0862335S 04-2009 | eBay would be ok. Is it just a simple case of unplug old one, insert new or will it need coding?
  9. JPD125

    RNSE Draining car battery?

    Hi all, looking for an electrical/RNSE expert please! I currently own a 8P S3 which I have had for last 4 years. The car as standard came with RNSE/Bluetooth/Steering wheel controls. The problems started approx 3 weeks ago after 4 years faultless service from the car. Initially the RNSE...
  10. JPD125

    Ipod Wireless Link to RNSE

    Hi guys, just thought i would post about my little mod to my S3 so the info is on the forum should anyone like to try it. For a while now i have been looking into connecting my Ipod Touch to the RNSE in my car, problem was i didnt want any wires showing so looked into wireless connection...
  11. JPD125

    List all the cars you have owned so far

    Here goes 1991-1993 - Truimph Spitfire (very cool first car) 1993-1997 - mk 1 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus (University years) 1997-1999 - Peugeot 205 GTI(first fun car) 1999-2003 - Toyota Celica vvtli 190(most reliable motor ever!) 2003-2005 - Vw Polo 1.0l(bought a house so skint for a couple of...
  12. JPD125

    Bluetooth Ipod transmitter for rns-e?

    Hi Guys I have been looking at getting a bluetooth transmitter for my ipod to use with my home a/v equipment. This got me thinking that since your recieve audio from a mobile phone via BT on RNSE which then plays through the stereo, could you BT music into it as well from an Ipod with a BT...
  13. JPD125

    Regal Rolling Road day

    Thanks for doing the leg work and organising this Jamie. On holiday unfortunately so will have to give it a miss:sorry: JD
  14. JPD125

    Time for a whip around, group buy?

    All true - no burner on it. Have 45 mins flight time in one of these from being an air cadet years ago. Great fun!!:happy:
  15. JPD125

    Rolling Road Day - Southern

    Updated List 1. Oli.H - S3 8P 2. Oli.H mate - GTi 3. Oli.H mate - GTi Edition 30 4. jamiekip - S3 8P - GIAC 5. S3-Nick - S3 8P 6. billybuds -S3 8P (Depending if anyone comes and picks up my bluefin I am returning, I would be interested in GIAC!!) 7. staz - depends what date 8. deckedS3 - GTi...
  16. JPD125

    Audi GSM Cradle For Sale

    You have PM:yes:
  17. JPD125

    Extravagant purchase

    In the last 12 months - Audi S3 Breitlling Aerospace watch Hugo boss suit Carbon-Fibre Mountain Bike No wonder i am skint!:ohmy: PS Not a purchase but - got married as well, now thats expensive - Thank god the missus has a decent job!
  18. JPD125

    When did the 8P S3 come out?

    Mine is a 56 plate, registered in uk 1st Nov 06 if that helps.
  19. JPD125

    Mothballing the Car..

    thanks to all who posted-brother getting trusted with starting it once in a while, whilst making sure its charged once a week and chocked.
  20. JPD125

    Mothballing the Car..

    Hi guys and girls Thanks to work:mad: i will very shortly have to put the car in the garage for 6 months. What precautions would you take? Happy with standard things such as leave the handbrake off with the wheels chocked etc but what about battery, leave it on trickle charge or remove? -...