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    Turn signal constant 12v

    Hi guys, Hopefully someone can help with this issue as I'm scratching my head. Long story short, I have a 8P2, which the previous owner has changed the front end to 8P3. The car has turn signal errors for Left/Right. Upon switching the car on the indicators will flash fast until the car has...
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    DSG flashing PRNDS

    Hello all. So i purchased a 3.2 DSG around 3 months ago now an done around 4000 fault free miles. However recently I noticed the issue as titled, I stopped put the car in park, then back in drive and carried on with my journey with no more faults. However recently this issue has...
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    Symphony II ISO Pinout colours

    Hi People Recently bought a second hand A3 8P 55 plate, few issues which I'm looking to resolve, a few i have discovered relate to the stereo within the car. When first bought after a day or so I've noticed the front speakers don't work at all, after using the filter and balance I've come to...
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    PCD + Offset for 8P Chassis + Lowering 40mm

    Hi, Not a A3 owner yet unfortunatly. Looking into buying a 8P A3, 2003 plate. Wanting to put 18" RS6 reps on it What PCD and offset are perfect fit for it, and would lowering 40mm be possible. Cheers. :rockwoot:
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    Estimate for repairs - Opinions needed also (8P experts needed)

    Hi, Looking at becoming a A3 owneer soon, came across this on ebay only 2 mins away from my home! Now i would think, some kids had it and its been a little to much power for him, because who in the right mind would insure that...
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    6.5 Components in A3 doors? (8L Chassis)

    Hi all, As per my thread here: Thought i might get more response in thr ICE forum. I am a big ICE fan, and have some decent equipment at the moment however im thinking i wont get it in the A3, well the components is my only worry. Can 6.5...
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    6.5 Components in A3 doors?

    Hi all, Will be a A3 owner soon just checking a few things before as i may need to make some changes to more ICE setup. Can 6.5 Comps fit in the doors of A3, do you need adapters or will custom pods be required to be made? My comps have a mountnig depth of 85mm so there quite big! Can...
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    What bulbs do A3 take for main beem?

    Hi, Im currently NOT a A3 owner :( However going to get one soon with a pd130 engine. I have a set of HID lights which are H4 fitment, what bulb fitment does the A3 have in the projector style lights? Will my H4 bulbs fit or maybe are they H7 for a guess? Thanks.