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  1. h1r4

    Rear badge size A7 2019

    Hi, Does anyone know or can they measure the size of the rear audi rings on their A7 4k please. Thanks
  2. h1r4

    50TDI DTUK tunning box for sale

    Hi I have my DTUK CRD3+ tunning box with app control. This will fit the 50TDI A4,A5,A6 & A7 models. Bought it brand new last April and took it off the car this October. I'm looking for £200 collected & I'm open to offers. Anymore info please inbox me! Images attached
  3. h1r4

    A7 dashboard rattle Audi UK

    Hi All, Wondering where I stand with this; Please see a quick summary from what I sent to Audi UK below; Car has been in 3 time for door card rattles and dad rattles. Have showed technician and service people the problem and it's still not resolved. Fed up of taking the car now, have given...
  4. h1r4

    My new A7 50 tdi S line

    Have had her for about a month, have been meaning to get some good pictures up! And here she is! She will be going back to Audi for a few issues. Not sure if anyone else has them but mine keeps on coming up with light system fault contact workshop. Getting a creak from the suspension...
  5. h1r4

    2018 A7 Gearbox tune review

    Hi guys, Figured I'd give a review on the gearbox tune I have had on my brand new A7 50.tdi for the last week or so from DTUK It has made the gearbox a lot better in terms of kick down and at roundabouts but it still feels slightly laggy. But much better than before. I'm not sure about gear...
  6. h1r4

    Goodbye to the A4

    Well.. It's been a good 2 years and 6 months of ownership. My cars being traded in for a new car (will get to what car it is), I will be posting a few bits on the classified section (eibach springs, ispiri wheels and spacers) soon. Now to the car I'm getting! I went in for a service a couple...
  7. h1r4

    Brake pad cost

    Hi, I've got the brake pad warning on come up on my car. Audi want £590 to replace front and rear. Does this sound right as it works out to be 307 Labour. I can get the parts genuine for £256 and was thinking of getting it done elsewhere. Would this affect warranty or anything? Thanks
  8. h1r4

    Steering system fault

    Hi guys, Broke down last night in Milton Keynes. Was attempting to park the car and got this error message steering fault please stop car. Car was recovered to my home now just waiting for them to come again at 10am to take it to Audi. I'm not quite sure what has caused this issue but I believe...
  9. h1r4

    Lowering springs

    Hi guys, Wondering what setups you guys have for lowering your suspension and where you've got it done. I've been in contact with a company called motech who usually use eibach and apparently eibach don't have any for the b9. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. h1r4

    Brake replacement and cost

    Car was in for a speaker grill replacement (again). They have notified me that my rear brakes are 65% worn and the front discs are warped. Now for this they want £450. Does this sound right for the price,and if I was to get it done at an independent I'm guessing it doesn't effect warranty. But...
  11. h1r4

    Low battery on key

    Anyone got any idea how to replace the battery on the key? Mines running low according to the on-board computer. I don't want to go to Audi because they'll probably charge a arm and a leg
  12. h1r4

    Which tyres?

    Hi guys. Approaching 13k miles on my b9. I've got a Quattro 2.0tdi. Fronts are approaching 3mm and rears 4mm. Wondering which tyres would be best to change them with? I've got the 19 inch v spoke alloys. I was wondering if my tyres should've lasted longer or this is what is to be expected? The...
  13. h1r4

    Drive system fault

    I've just had this error come up. As well as a loss of power. I'm wondering if this could be due to the dtuk box? This happened Sunday aswell however I didn't lose any power and car was fine once I turned it off and on again. I've just taken the box out any ideas? Before I ring audi assist
  14. h1r4

    B&O sound system fault

    Well... After nearly 3 months my sound system has decided it doesn't want the rhs front bass speaker to work anymore... which is a shame really as the first 2 months were great. There was the center speaker rattle but that was song dependant. Now it feels as if there's bass coming from just the...
  15. h1r4

    Data sim

    Hi guys , Just want to know if any of you have got a data sim plan. I've been looking at the three ones which is 30quid for 12gb? , just want to know what you guys would recommend. Thanks
  16. h1r4

    A4 pcp ( discount )

    Hi guys , I'm looking to purchase a new a4 in the coming months ( September delivery ). So over the last few days I've been using car wow for quotes , from which I got a good offer from Coventry audi. So I'm going for the 3.0tdi 272 bhp s line. Of which the Base price is 38,950. I'm going to...
  17. h1r4

    8v interior bulbs

    Hi mate want to know which led bulbs i can get for the interior and also the fog lights. Thanks