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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    I'm after a pair of heated wingback bucket seats, preferably without any model stamped on the headrest. If you know of any please let me know! I'm in Bucks but will travel for a mint set Cheers
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    Anyone planning to sell their 8V RS3 soon?

    I've sold my B7 RS4 and a looking for an RS3. I prefer to buy from an enthusiast rather than a dealer, and I know that there's plenty of people who would rather get more money privately rather than trading it in, but are sometimes put off by the risk of selling a high value car. I've been a...
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    Price for S5 front brake pads please

    Hi 2008 4.2 model Need front pads plus the light is on the dash so do I need new sensors also? Thanks! Asif
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    Tool to remove steering wheel on S3

    Hi, I need to remove my steering wheel on my 2002 S3 to replace the (faulty) indicator stalk but I dont have the tool to remove the steering wheel. I think its called a M12 Spline Drive. Does anyone know if there is a friendly mechanic close to either Milton Keynes or Borehamwood that would...
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    Squeaking rear suspension (not ARB/Bushes)

    Hi All, The rear suspension of my car squeaks when going over speed humps. I've just had the rear shocks, Anti-Roll Bar and Bushes replaced by the Dealer under warranty. I haven't called the dealer back yet - does anyone have any ideas before I call them? Also, when I collected the car I...
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    mini-ISO Pin removal tool

    Hi, I need to remove some of the wires from one of the blocks going into my Symphony HU. I know I can do it with a minature screwdriver etc, but does anyone know where I can get the correct tool to remove the pins? If anyone know the correct name for it that would help too!!! Thanks
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    Are there different models of CD changer cable?!

    Hi All, I need to buy a CD Changer cable for my 2002 S3 and have a Symphony II Headunit. I've been informed that I need to buy a cable 4BO 051 735B. However, I plan to buy a Navi Plus unit soon. Does anyone know if the cable is the same for both units? Also, any recommednadtions for the...