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    Could someone advise me the correct method of removing the "B POST" satin black cover on my 5 door A3? For some strange reason the paint has started flaking, so I thought if I can remove it, I'll flat it down and respray it. regards dave
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    Could someone please tell me if this is all I need...(along with a laptop!!) to get vagcom up and running? regards dave
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    Timing Belt Today

    Had the belt done today. Belt, water pump, new A/Freeze. £235.00. The lads said the pulleys were fine, and have yet to come across a badly worn VAG idler/pulley! To be honest I only keep my cars 2-3 years and probably do 12k miles in that time so I'm happy to leave them on Just the one minor...
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    As you know this is my 1st Audi, so please be patient.....LOL. I got a chiming noise today probably about 6-7 times then went lower (in volume) then went off! I couldn't see any flashing signs.....perhaps I didn't look quick enough! looking at the manual it says they were important because...
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    New Motor

    Well here she is then!!
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    DSG Failures

    As I consider myself to be pretty "normal"...I'm starting to twitch a bit prior to picking up the car on friday. Should I have gone for a manual instead of DSG? So I go online!! (bad move), it seems everywhere I go there are horror stories re-DSG. £4k for a new box £2k for a...
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    New member

    Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself. My names Dave, I'm a little over...cough ...cough... well lets say 40! Just bought my 40th car, but my 1st audi. It's a one owner 05-2005 a3 2.0T DSG, full panoramic roof and leather, quite high miles 70k but full verified A.S.H. (sutton coldfield audi). Last...
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    Car tax

    Hi! This is my first post on the forum, I hope to get on here quite a bit. I am in the process of buying a 3.2 sport if all goes well. Could anyone tell me if the road tax wil be in the £400 bracket after April? regards dave