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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    If anyone sees a decent set for sale please let me know as I haven't seen any yet. Cheers
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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    Couple of messages from people, but both in Scotland so too far to arrange collection, so I'm still looking!
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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    I can't find them either, but thanks for checking
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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    Do you have a link please? Only ones I could see were the ones in Wigan which are sold now Cheers!
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    Wanted Wingback seats wanted

    I'm after a pair of heated wingback bucket seats, preferably without any model stamped on the headrest. If you know of any please let me know! I'm in Bucks but will travel for a mint set Cheers
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Thanks for your replies both - looks like I'll be seeing my mate with VCDS at the weekend!
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Need some advice please! Ive read all the posts on this thread and can't find and answer. I'm looking to re-enable Start Stop on my PFL S3 and i had used Method A to disable it. However, even after trying each one of the No settings, it still doesn't reset. Do I need to turn off the car for...
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    Anyone planning to sell their 8V RS3 soon?

    I've sold my B7 RS4 and a looking for an RS3. I prefer to buy from an enthusiast rather than a dealer, and I know that there's plenty of people who would rather get more money privately rather than trading it in, but are sometimes put off by the risk of selling a high value car. I've been a...
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    Price for S5 front brake pads please

    Hi 2008 4.2 model Need front pads plus the light is on the dash so do I need new sensors also? Thanks! Asif
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    Indicator Stalk Problem

    I've got an indicator stalk from my 2001 S3 (I retrofitted Cruise). It's your's for £15 plus P&P if you're interested......
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    Hi Lowride, I've got a similar problem to myzeneye in that I've got a black car with loads of swirl marks/dull paint from the previous owner using a car wash. I live in Milton Keynes but dont know of any decent companies in this area. You sound like you know what you're doing. What sort of...
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    Indicators are fckd

    I had my indicator relay replaced recently too. Had exactly the same prob....
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    Cd changer harness lead??

    Sounds different to the one I've got. Goes from the Headunit to the boot. I bought it from Bedford Audi.
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    Cd changer harness lead??

    I've got one, but need to check the part number. Its brand new and was bought from Bedford Audi (still in the wrapper). £35 inc delivery to you in sunny MK! Let me know if you're interested and I'll have a look for it!
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    Tool to remove steering wheel on S3

    Hi, I need to remove my steering wheel on my 2002 S3 to replace the (faulty) indicator stalk but I dont have the tool to remove the steering wheel. I think its called a M12 Spline Drive. Does anyone know if there is a friendly mechanic close to either Milton Keynes or Borehamwood that would...
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    Factory 18" RSTT's available

    Did I hear my name??!!! Nervus - just PM'd on TTF you after SK emailed me about your post! ImS3ola - thanks for the pointing nervus my way!
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    Mixing Engine Oils

    thanks for the responses - i'll top up tonight!
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    Squeaking rear suspension (not ARB/Bushes)

    Thanks for the feedback. I've got the car booked in for saturday, and my contact in Service has asked me to print out your comments! I'll let you know what happens....
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    Squeaking rear suspension (not ARB/Bushes)

    Hi All, The rear suspension of my car squeaks when going over speed humps. I've just had the rear shocks, Anti-Roll Bar and Bushes replaced by the Dealer under warranty. I haven't called the dealer back yet - does anyone have any ideas before I call them? Also, when I collected the car I...