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    Facelift Carbon Ceramic Brakes Codition HELP PHOTOS

    Hi guys... Can you please very help me please with this topic... what do you think about condition about these Carbon Ceramic Brakes CCB from this photos. If you upload here your photos of your CCB it will be very Helpfull! Much appriciate! Iam before the buy my AUDI RS3 saloon and i need to be...
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    New RS3 saloon and CarbonCeramic Brakes HELP

    Hi guys As my Audi dealer canceled me my AUDI rs3 order, because new RS3 2019 model is comeing (incl. GPF) I fight hard to find some next car on DE dealers. I found one in the same config (except brakes). Car have actualy 2200km and its 1 year old/ as some vw groupe manager used it just for...
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    Facelift HELP HELP NEW EU GAS NORM - Huge Dilemma

    Yes but no one in my config or for higher price then new one :-D ehich is non sence... Ill maybe try to find some during the November and we will see :-)
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    Facelift HELP HELP NEW EU GAS NORM - Huge Dilemma

    :-D BTW: where can i see youtube video of CAR with GPF, because its impossible... every car right now is without it... But still, maybe i cancel one and will wait for some TEST (model 2019) and if it will be worse, then i would buy an M2 competition maybe... :( I loved the performance of this...
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    Facelift HELP HELP NEW EU GAS NORM - Huge Dilemma

    Hi Guys I need your help/ideas etc How much will broken new GPF (Gasoline Partical Filter) for en new EU GAS norm our AUDI RS3 in 2 important things: 1) Straight line (0-100km/h = 3,8s) Still possible? 2) Good sound of RS3 5piston engine. Worse ? Let me know your thougs guys as my EU dealer...
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Extreme customs means extreme customs! hehe :-D
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    Facelift Maxton Desing for FL

    Hi This is my cup of tea... yes yes, i know... its nothing for all. But i love it. And finaly custom blackout Matrix headlight will be included as well. And future plan Stage 2 = Beast mode ON :-D RadekCor
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    RS3 Facelift - Best tires option for Acceleration 0-60/Handling on Track

    Of course, you are right... But Audi as well offered the "lowcost" version of 8J 235/235 setup... Deos it means, that there will be some difference between it (traction) ?
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    RS3 Facelift - Best tires option for Acceleration 0-60/Handling on Track

    Hi All As I ordered for my NEW RS3 Saloon Original wheels and thx. to this 8,5j 255 and 8j 235 Tires on it. Let me know your thoughts about it. 1) What type and size tires you have? 2) Ideas, what is the best tire size combo for 0-60 time? 3) What is the best tire combo for Handling on...
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    RS3 Saloon Vbox Figures (0-60/100mph)

    Hi Guys Iam new here and i need your help with something special. :-) I was owner of BMWs M2 and finally iam looking for some more "family" car and the quickest in the strait line. :-) Yes, right... iam ordered an RS3 Sedan/Saloon NARDO Gray. Iam very exited with your numbers for 0-60ty...