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  1. Glenryck

    South coast remap recommendations

    As the title says can anyone recommend a good place to get my S4 b7 remapped on the south coast West Sussex, Hampshire area thanks.
  2. Glenryck

    Goodwood Breakfast Club 3rd march

    Any body going to the estate car Sunday at Goodwood motor circuit. 3rd March
  3. Glenryck

    4.2 v8 s4 and s5 exhaust back box.

    Can anybody tell me if s4 b7 and s5 exhaust back boxes are the same thanks.
  4. Glenryck

    S4 avant Full stainless exhaust swap.

    Hi all I have a b7 s4 auto and it has a full hand made stainless exhaust inc 200 cell sports cats, the previous owner had it made and fitted at a cost of over £2000 it sounds awesome when under power and tick over but it has the dreaded drone when normal driving around town motorways are fine...
  5. Glenryck

    Drivers side speaker very low volume

    Hi all my drivers side front door speakers (main and tweeter) have very low volume far less then the others it is working but only just. I have checked wires in door pillar and all connections fader and balance checked but all good any ideas. It’s the Bose system
  6. Glenryck

    Newbie from West Sussex.

    Hello all from West Sussex, England with a b7 s4.