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  1. QuestMS

    Clutch question

    Hi all Will be doing a clutch and flywheel upgrade soon along with many other things. Have been recommended a sachs 4 puk with std cover plate. Was just after some feedback from people who have this setup really, it's my daily driver so I get stuck in traffic etc etc. On the Sachs...
  2. QuestMS

    What's needed to do head gasket on S3 bam?

    Hi all, as above what's needed exactly to do a head gasket on my S3 bam engine? I will be buying from TPS and they don't do a "set" as such but all individually listed parts. Cam belt was done less than two months ago so I'm guessing just a new belt and auxiliary belt would be needed as the...
  3. QuestMS

    Best place to buy?

    Afternoon all, after some advice on where the cheapest place to get a sachs 4/6 paddle clutch plate from?
  4. QuestMS

    Injector seat change

    Sorry if this has been covered already but I couldn't find the answers I needed... I have new injector seats to go in an inlet manifold I just had aqua blasted, I need to know what sealant I should use when fitting. I have some of the Mac tools threadlocker which is oil tolerant but not sure...
  5. QuestMS

    S3 facelift headlights

    Hi all I need to replace both headlights on my 02 S3 as one has broken up inside and both have broken adjusters. I haven't had a price for new genuine headlights but I'm sure it will be ridiculously expensive. Has anybody found a cheaper option for replacing broken headlights? I can't seem to...
  6. QuestMS

    Water pump question

    Hi all I have got myself a timing belt kit and water pump from TPS but the water pump has a plastic impeller, and I have read quite a few times that the plastic impellers should be avoided? I checked when ordering that it was the latest part number and they confirmed. Advice anyone?
  7. QuestMS

    Annoying vibration between 3000/3300RPM

    Hi all Has anyone with a relentless manifold fitted noticed any engine vibration being transmitted inside the car? I have got a fairly substantial vibration occurring between 3000 & 3300 RPM. It only started since I fitted the v3 and made a 3" downpipe. Downpipe has plenty of clearance...
  8. QuestMS

    Anyone used one of these before??

    Has anyone used one of these before? Or used the company for anything else? 1.8T Audi S3 upgrade Turbo exhaust manifold high flow - VW TUNING, BAR-TEK Motorsport, Glader, 1.8T tuning, VW Golf, Corrado G60, Motortuning, G60, G40, Looks similar to the JBS manifold. Called JBS today and they do...
  9. QuestMS

    Audi S3 MAP sensor question

    I will be changing my intercooler setup soon and plan on changing the restrictive MAP sensor tube also. I was thinking about welding a flange onto my inlet manifold just behind the throttle body and extending the wiring loom if too short. Then it would just be a case of a straight joiner in...
  10. QuestMS

    Intercooler advice

    I have a FMIC already on my S3 but it has 2" inlet & outlet. Will having 2" inlet/outlet make much of a difference when I go to have it mapped at R-tech? The cooler is a kit they have for the S3. If it will make that much of a difference I will cut the ends off and...
  11. QuestMS

    Relentless V3 porting?

    Hi all i have seen a few posts saying the relentless v3 needs a light porting, where exactly needs opening out? Collector or ports end? Lay the gasket over the ports and trim so they match? Cheers in advance
  12. QuestMS

    New genuine turbo? Where to buy?

    Hi all as above where is the best place to buy a genuine K04 for my s3 225? There are so many companies out there ..... advice please?
  13. QuestMS

    Boost issue after fitting relentless v3, 3" down pipe & new turbo

    Hi all, I am in need of some advice please. I have recently fitted a new turbo & v3 manifold to my S3 225 and also made a 3" down pipe/decat at the same time. The problem I am having is I am under boosting up until around 4K revs and over boosting past this point. The turbo is a bit of a...
  14. QuestMS

    Newbie :)

    Hi guys, new to the forum! Just thought I'd say hi and that I'm impressed with the information available on Audi-Sport. Keep up the good work guys and hopefully I can contribute at some point :)