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    RS models delayed until 2019?

    Potentially hot off the press, but nothing comes up on Google? This is directly from Northampton Audi today... My dad, who has an been trying to get some updates on his new S4 order, just got told this by our dealer over the phone today. Email confirmation followed, extract / summary below...
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    Facelift Comfort Pack for FL Orders - Advanced Key

    Open discussion here. I'm interest to see peoples thoughts on the Comfort Pack this time round, especially as they have bundled in Advanced Key. My understanding is Comfort Pack = Advance Key + Hold Assist + Reversing Camera + B&O Sound System. The B&O you can spec separately and Hold Assist +...
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    Front Park Sensor Fault and Warranty

    Looking for some advice re my on-going saga with front parking sensors :anguished: Car was ordered (Midlands dealership) with the full front and rear system, but due to the flawless Audi ordering system, the car was delivered with rears only. I ended up going backwards and forwards with the...
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    BW 9,10,11 & 12

    Just got my build week confirmed for my new S3 SB as BW 11 Coming from an 8P 2.0 TDI A3 SB so can't wait :) Spec is as follows: Spec: Audi S3 SportBack S-Tronic Monsoon Grey #teamnotsepangordaytona Super Sports Seats Black Styling Pack Privacy glass Technology pack High B&O Sound System...