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  1. HollowmanVIII

    North West UK Retrofitters?

    Can anybody recommend a retrofitter in the Lancashire/Manchester area? I am looking to have some A5/S5 coupe pre FL tail lights fitted/coded on a 2008 S5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. HollowmanVIII

    Retrofitters in North West?

    Can anybody recommend a good Audi retrofitter in the north west area (lancashire/manchester)? I PM’d NHN but he hasn’t been seen since November according to his profile.
  3. HollowmanVIII

    Concert to MMI Retrofit

    Has anybody gone from concert to MMI 3G High? My 2010 S5 was a great example and pretty well specced from factory bar the lack of factory nav. I know HazzyDayz do retrofitting. Can this work be done within a day or is it likely to run into a couple of days? I know they do the 3G DVD MMI but...
  4. HollowmanVIII

    A5/S5 Interior Trim Fitting - North West

    I really want to get the RS5 carbon interior trim fitted on my S5 (currently has the silver alu). Anyone in the Lancashire area had any experience of removing the center console to change the center trim around the gearstick? The door trims look easy enough but I’m concerned about the centre trim.
  5. HollowmanVIII

    A5 V8 - Milltek Res or Non Res

    I appreciate this has probably been covered before but my S5 has the triptronic and I just wanted some opinions on which one to go for? I have read some people complain about too much drone on the non res. I do a fair bit of motorway miles so want to try and avoid too much drone. On the other...
  6. HollowmanVIII

    Looking at S5 V8’s.

    Always had the itch for the S5 V8 but concerned about running costs and maintenance. I do approximately 300 miles a week, however 80% of that is motorway miles. Am I ever likely to see 30mpg? I just don’t want to fork out something close to £100 a week on fuel. What are main things to look out...