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  1. S3Sport_Guy

    Reversed into Brick Wall - Hard!

    Hi all, What is the cheapest way of getting hold of a sprint blue rear bumper that has holes for fitting of parking sensors that does not involve me knicking off another car:-) I also need a light lense for drivers side rear? How much do you think a replacement/fitting on the above will cost...
  2. S3Sport_Guy

    Bike Rack

    Hi, The rack has rubber pads on all the contact points with the car - I would recommend putting a cloth between the pads and the paintwork just for added piece of mind. Contrary to Cyrix's comments - there are four direct contact points - two pads that will rest on the glass boot and two...
  3. S3Sport_Guy

    Removing Nav DVD from RNSE

    Hi there. Anybody out there who knows how to remove the DVD from the RNSE nav unit? I have tried everything - including last resort of reading the user guide!?:think: I press the 'eject' button and nothing happens. Whilst reading the manual I also familiarised myself with the speech control...
  4. S3Sport_Guy

    Bike Rack

    I have one for sale- Avenir Vermont bicycle rack which I have had on my SB. 50 quid. PM me if interested. Oh forgot to mention - you can fit it in such a way that you can open the boot lid without taking the...
  5. S3Sport_Guy

    Calling all owners of ITG Maxogen S3/A3 2.0T air intakes...

    Ok been reading this with interest as it progresses. Perhaps it may be worth looking at the causes of heat soak within the engine compartment rather than trying to address specifics although *ace*'s idea (and a few others) on ducting air direct to the filter / engine bay goes some way as a...
  6. S3Sport_Guy

    Audi S3

    ....anyone seen Groundhog Day?:) But seriously Patrick, the reason for the tumbleweed is because this is a well covered topic - use the search facility bud and all your questions will be answered:yes:
  7. S3Sport_Guy

    Turbo size on S3 Sportback 8P

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the turbo size is on the 8P? I have heard that they size hem like T3, T4, T6? Thanks
  8. S3Sport_Guy

    Power Steering and Steering Lock

    Cheers - im not talking about adjusting the steering lock massively - just noticed on the Audi that it takes more to turns on the steering wheel to turn the wheels compared to my old car - I like the 10 to 2 hand position on the wheel when going around tight corners at speed - cant do it on some...
  9. S3Sport_Guy

    Power Steering and Steering Lock

    Hi all, Is there any way of changing: Power steering server to make steering lighter? Adjusting the steering wheel lock so that it takes less turns to achieve wheel lock? Many thanks
  10. S3Sport_Guy

    Stage 1 done

    Does MTM do anything better that Revo for Stage 1 i.e. does the remap go anywhere near sorting out the drop in power delivery past 5k revs (or is a stage 2+ only going to sort this out?). Also does the DSG map provide more linear torque delivery beyond 3k revs? Thanks.
  11. S3Sport_Guy

    Stage 1 done

    Hey im cool dude:) To be fair I did read into the two original posts that as Brett was looking for a Revo dealer plus looking at DSG remapping then he was looking at Revo to deliver both - but as we all know as per Revo's Web site and the call I made to Revo Midlands - Revo DSG flash is not...
  12. S3Sport_Guy

    Facelift s3

    I was at the stealers today enquiring about the RS3, and the sales manager was of the opinion that it will not be available until 2012 perhaps 2013:faint: - point being that there may be some homology built into the two variants (S3/RS3) and as such the revisions will be released at the same...
  13. S3Sport_Guy

    Stage 1 done

    :slap:No-Butler has a month old S3 and like me he will be waiting for Revo to code the software for the DSG box i.e. it is not available for the S3 yet:-)
  14. S3Sport_Guy

    Stage 1 done

    Best use search facility dude - most questions you asked have been covered before:-)
  15. S3Sport_Guy

    Calling all owners of ITG Maxogen S3/A3 2.0T air intakes...

    Yes I agree and one good by-product of removing the OEM intake is that it frees up the original inlet - air that would have been otherwise channeled down to the OEM filter is now free to cool the engine compartment. From my previous post does anyone know whether the turbo is a push or pull...
  16. S3Sport_Guy

    A sad day in my house

    sorry to hear about that dude.
  17. S3Sport_Guy

    Calling all owners of ITG Maxogen S3/A3 2.0T air intakes...

    Hi Warren, Having installed the ITG CAI myself I can see where you are coming from. Personally I dont think there is an issue with MAF vibration because of the direct fitting of pipework to block as in my opinion the silicon hosing plus the use of OEM rubber mountings on the heatshield...
  18. S3Sport_Guy

    My Friday dilemma: Shall I deface my boot with a Ring sticker?

    Go for the tongue in cheek option:-)