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    Lighter steering after battery change

    My steering seems to have more assist/feels lighter after replacing my battery. Could it be that my old battery was so knackered that it wasn’t powering the electric steering system properly?
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    Tyre Pressures

    Is 33psi front and 29 psi back correct tyre pressures for my 2009 A3 sportback 1.4 with 225/45/17 W tyres? I got these figures online as I don’t have the tyre pressures sticker on my car for some reason.
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    Is the PFL dated?

    Hi all, I’ve been meaning to buy an 8V for quite a while now. I was after a saloon with the 1.8 TFSI engine but seeing as they are so rare (and often have low spec) I’ve turned my attention to the Sportback. I know the 1.8 isn’t available in the facelift but my budget is around £13k and the...
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    Facelift Halogen DRL bulbs

    Hi can anyone confirm what bulb type the DRLs are in the facelift halogen headlights? Are they H16 PS19W? Also can these be changed to white LEDs? Cheers
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    Annoying noise when changing gear

    When changing gears 1-2 and 3-4 I’ve started getting this annoying noise. Have a listen here Any ideas as to what it could be? Gearshifts also seem a bit more rough and not as smooth lately but don’t know if that’s due to the colder weather.
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    Does your interior rattle?

    Especially when driving on crappy roads, I get rattling noises from around the armrest area. Happen to anyone else?
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    Factory Sound System question

    I believe I have a sub in my boot. I have a 2009 Sport model. 8 speakers but no Bose. I thought only Bose came with a sub?
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    1.8 TFSI

    I’ve got my heart set on my next Audi - 1.8 TFSI 8V saloon. I was looking for an 8P but I’ve had my current 1.4T 8P for over 2 years now so 8V it is. Ideally I would go for a facelift 8V but they are out of my budget. 1.8 8V do seem quite rare even more so in saloon form. Just wanted to get...
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    Is it possible to get a sunstrip installed on windscreen that looks OEM? Not like the typical massive ones?
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    Bonnet noise insulation foam

    The foam cover under my bonnet, for noise insulation I believe, has ripped and bits of foam keep falling into the engine bay. Anyone know of a good way to patch this up?
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    1.4 TFSI Timing Chain

    Sounds as if chain is clattering when starting engine from cold. How much can I expect to pay for chain replacement? 2009 1.4 TFSI Cheers
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    Wanted A3 8P Black Edition Sportback Petrol

    As title says, would be interested in a 2010-2012 A3 Sportback. Must be: Petrol Black in colour S Tronic preferably Thanks.
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    Oil Question

    What would people recommend for my 2009 1.4 TFSI, Quantum or Shell Helix? Also, is there much difference between 5w-40 and 0w-40? Thanks.
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    Bit of a dumb question but how often do people top up their screenwash? Mine seems to run out pretty quickly. Are the tanks known to leak? When I bought the car it was serviced on the day and screenwash fully topped up and it seemed to last ages. But when it did eventually run out I topped up...
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    Interior Hazard button flickers when car is locked

    I sat inside my car and locked it and the hazard button stayed illuminated but then turned off before flickering on and off repeatedly. Only thing I’ve done recently is install LED bulbs on inside and number plates. Would this cause battery drain?
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    Wheel Alignment

    Does anyone know what can be adjusted and what can’t on 8P? In terms of toe, caster, camber on front/rear etc. I’ll be getting my alignment done soon and don’t want to be getting fobbed off. Also, is Kwik Fit any good for these kind of things?
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    Which diverter valve?

    My car sometimes suffers from poor acceleration where I feel something is holding it back. VCDS scan shows nothing. Mileage is 76k. I’ve been told a good first step is to change the diverter valve. For the sake of £40 or so. One on the car at the moment is the Revision D. Shall I buy the same...
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    Rear Tie Arm Bushes

    Had service done on the car and been told the rear tie arm bushes are split/worn. Been quoted £300 for the job. Is the tie arm the whole lower suspension arm? Can anyone post a pic of what they look like on the 8P? Thanks
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    LED H7 Bulbs

    As above, has anybody fitted any LED H7’s in their 8Ps? I’ve been doing some reading and obviously HID in reflector headlamps are a no but you can get nighteye LEDs and few others that seem to be okay on MOT.
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    Heated washer jets

    Do all facelift 2008+ 8P’s have heated washer jets? Cheers