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    Anyone running 8.5x19 et48 wheels

    Want to run my BBS Speedlines without spacers Tried a 3mm spacer over weekend and standard bolts weren't long enough So 2nd attempt to fit wheels was a fail
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    Decent insurance quotes for standard and modified?

    been getting quotes for standard and quotes for when I want to add mods Stands quotes are like £200 more than what I'm paying now Which company's would ppl recommend? My insurance now is £400 Tried Adrian flux and prestige £599/914!!!! Need to try Chris nott
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    Disc and pads

    hi guys Best place to get front disc and pads for 2007 2.0tfsi Quattro avant 220 bul engine I think they are 320mm drilled vented discs Seen few on eBay and eurocarparts Quite like the Mtec black editions Oem disc and pads bit too pricey for me from TPS
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    Revo stage 1

    All I can say is wow They did a health check on mine before they mapped it and all the parts I fitted over past 2 months showed my car was fine The mapper did say the 220 bul is mapped like that from factory so that's why I wasn't getting performance I expected But now it's like it feels like...
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    Xtrons headunit

    anyone else fitted one? Fitted mine but lost rear speaker sound I know car is rear amped non bose just can't figure out how to get rears to work Tried the pc2-691 auto lead wire as xtrons forum has advised but there are no rear speakers to wire into Paul
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    2.0tfsi Quattro feels slow

    hi guys I have a 2007 2.0tfsi Quattro avant,lovely car but feels very flat,like there's no turbo? My wife has a 2.0tfsi a3 sportback and that feels a lot faster and you can feel the turbo kick in I've done a scan and no fault codes came up Today I've just changed the diverter valve to the latest...
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    sharkfin aerial and pedals

    hi would like to order one of these if possible please? Volkswagen Dummy Shark Fin Aerial - 1K0035507D - Stoke Audi Parts 1K0035507D and also would these pedals suit a vw touran 2.0tdi? A3 2005> Aluminium Pedals For Manual Vehicles RHD - Stoke Audi Parts many thanks paul
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    sold my a4,parts for sale

    hey guys sold my a4 so got few bits for sale chippeduk st3 unit its been reset so all you need to do is contact chippeduk to buy new maps i paid £150 for 2 maps,its £100 for 1 map so i bought 2 ie fast road and economy paid £160 for this off member...
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    Rattly rough A4

    hi all, past 2 weeks my 2005 a4 2.0tdi 140bhp has felt very rough and theres a weird vibration in engine bay?done 63000 miles,due service in 1000 miles any ideas guys?
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    Alpine cva1014rb help please

    hi all just purchased this unit from a friend,but having trouble getting it to work,tried it in me wifes polo,its works fine but nothing in audi i have a 2005 audi a4 sline,with standard singledin concert headunit,non bose i have purcahsed a autolead pc9 401 harness to connect it but still...
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    dis wiper stalk?

    hi all new owner here A4 2.tdi sline avant came from a mk4 golf 150tdi loving the audi but one thing is bugging me,cant change the settings on the dis,i dont have the toggle on wiper stalk how much is this to get done at audi?or is it easy to do yourself? many thanks guys