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    Drive System failure after Alternator recall

    Well this then took a turn for the worse whilst driving normally I got this, AC no longer functioned and the fan speed for the ventilation was set to minimum. I took it back to Hatfireld Audi and made it clear that this was a faut introduced as part of the Starter/Alternator recall. To my...
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    Drive System failure after Alternator recall

    I recently had my A4 in for the 27h Alternator starter recall. After picking the car up I am getting srive failiure messages when the auto stop/start becomes active the only way to stop this is to disable the auto/stop. Fault code is P065C00, the stealer says there is an Audi Technical bullitin...
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    Drive system: fault. Please contact workshop - Auto gearbox, driven only 2400 miles

    I have just had the starter/alternator replaced and now have this when it auto stops
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    B9 2.0 TFSI or 2.0 TDI 190

    I went from a 190 Diesel S-line to my current b9.5 Black edition Avanty 40TFSI Petrol. I cannot say that it was the right decision. I normally do a couple of long distance European trips, but obviously with the Zombie Apocalypse this has not happened, and with working from home I have done 5000...
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    Well the next A4 is being ruined with electrification

    So it looks like that my current A4 will be my last as Audi are going down the blasted electrification route for the next model cycle. Looks like the next car is a Golf R. I a glad that I am...
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    Facelift missing Spare wheel and tyre woes

    In March, i went from a 190 Diesel to a TFsi40 Petrol Avant Black edition. I got a very good deal on ite but I must admit I was a little irritated at some of the blatent cost cutting that took place. The missing Spare wheel was one of them, I figured I will buy one to keep in the garage. Since...
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    Avant boot lid not fully closing. Any ideas?

    I have this exact same issue, however every now and then the motorised tailgate does not motprise at all and I have to physically drag it up or push it down, must be an electrical issue but due to the Zombie Apocalypse I cannot get a collection nor loan car so I am a little stuffed.
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    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    I have 3248, i get the login screen every so often but after about an hour remote lock/unlock or vehicle status cannot be obtained...
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    Come on own up?

    hero.. shoukd send his video to those clowns at roadpeace
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    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    Indeed, but not every time sometimes it works sometimes it does not there is no pattern nor anything I can see to cause the issue, look pretty RND () to me.... the Stealer has no further info.... not that I am surprised
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    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    I spoke too soon now I am getting The selected user has not been used in this vehicle for a while Please enter the myAudi user data again." This is infuriating, as the MMI on my previous A4 just worked...
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    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    I have just collected my Avant 40 TFSI Black Edition, sw is version 3248, I can sedn routs to the car and they are visible in the car Nacigation, have not tried a map update
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    Facelift Just ordered an A4 40 TFSI S Tronic Black Edition (Comfort + Sound)

    Hmm, I also test drove the Troc R, I get my 40TFSI Black edition Avant tomorrow...
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    2020 A4 cost cutting

    I went into the stealer yesterday to have a look at an S4 they have on display, not sure if I should cancel my black line 40TFSI Avant order, but I am on the fence if I should go to Petrol after several diesel cars like my current very early B9 A4 TDI. So far i can see that there are no more SD...
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    Sd card not possible in New A4

    Just wondering if anybody has successfully used the usb-c for music storage and what size stick they have successfully used.
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    Audi Connect has expired. Renewal question

    I had to chase my dealer a number of times before they did this...
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    Sd card not possible in New A4

    Wow, that has got to be the dumbest idea ever, I am giving back my A4 S-Line with tech pack so i am giving up my HUD which is bad enough, but no SD slots is a real irritation, as I have my music on there so now have to have a sticking out usbc stick in the console really poor in my
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    Sd card not possible in New A4

    Can somebody clear something up for me, does the new 2020 A4 still have an SD card slot ?
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    Door handle LEDs

    I have had two fail in 19000 miles...