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  1. Dan burns

    min oil light (yellow) coming on and off

    got a 2006 a4 2.0 tdi avant,lovely car!!!!! 6 weeks or so back the min oil light came on so i checked the dip stick and everything all good. later when i got back in the car it went out and came back on after a few miles. next day i brought to the mechanic and he poopped the computer on it (snap...
  2. Dan burns

    Turbo funny noise

    Recently my turbo is making funny noises in between gear change. Had a new n75 vavle fitted and the turbo cleaned for sticky veins. 4/6 weeks later its making a weird noise. At first i thought it was the gearbox or clutch but the mechanic said its defo the turbo. Car boosts as normal. Anyone got...
  3. Dan burns

    Vcds scan belfast

    Is anyone from belfast that could do a vcds scan for me?
  4. Dan burns

    Sometimes car takes a few seconds to start after a journey

    Right so I've searched the forum and can't find anything to match what I am seeing in my car. So if I take my car out for a drive say 2 miles or even 22 miles it's fine,but if was to to go out within the next hour after the drive sometimes my car struggles to start,not all the times,maybe 2 out...