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  1. Hammerhead

    Anyone with 20" Wheels

    I've got a B9 S5 and managed to pickup some 20" B9 RS5 wheels that I'm going to put on the car, what tyre pressures are you guys running as I cant seem to find any info on this, they are 275/30/20 cheers
  2. Hammerhead

    Jack Pad

    Will be putting Winter wheels & tyres on my car next month, do you guys who change wheels yourself use a jackpad at all or can a standard trolley jack be used without smashing the sills in? I don't want to be fannying about with the jack that comes with the car, it's too slow but I did notice...
  3. Hammerhead

    Audi Parts Guy on here

    Does anyone know who the nice chap on here is that works for a main dealer and does Audi parts with a little discount? Thanks in advance
  4. Hammerhead

    Big vent on Climate Control?

    I was playing with my climate control yesterday and noticed an option above the 'sync' setting to open the big vent in the front of the dashboard, however when I'd set it to open there still didn't seem to be any air coming out of it, even when I changed the climate settings form auto to middle...
  5. Hammerhead

    Apple car Play to Android Auto

    I've been using Apple Car Play in my S5 for a few months and all works OK, despite no album artwork which was available in a new golf GTi I had for a few weeks, however with Android Auto although there are nice features like Album art as the wallpaper for each song when I go to a Playlist you...
  6. Hammerhead

    Dynamic Steering Gone

    Just looked on the Audi Uk configurator website and there is now no option for 'Dynamic Steering' So is it included free of charge with an S5 now or have they dropped it as an option, and if so why? Did it go the same way as the heated steering wheel?
  7. Hammerhead

    Audi part dept contact?

    Hi Guys, does anyone have a good contact in an Audi parts dept? I want to buy some 18" Audi OEM A5 wheels to use as a winter set but my local dealer quoted me £750 each per wheel which is just fecking ridiculous I bought 4 x BMW wheels with winter tyres for £1700 new from BMW parts when I had...
  8. Hammerhead

    Black Styling Pack

    Guys, does anyone know how soon after the B9 A4 launch they released the Black Styling Pack'? Thanks in advance :icon thumright:
  9. Hammerhead

    How did this guy get a heated steering wheel on a UK S5?

    Does anyone know how this guy/car managed to get a heated steering wheel as I thought it's never been offered on a UK B9 S5 or any other A5 for that matter? You see the heated Steering wheel button at about 4.10mins onwards clear as day
  10. Hammerhead

    New S5 Puddle Lights

    My dealer doesn't seem to know, I mean why would they! Does anyone know if you get the Audi rings puddle lights as standard on an S5 or is it always a dealer upgrade?
  11. Hammerhead

    Just Joined S5 SB

    Long term BMW nut but fancied a change, although I owned a TT-RS and a A7 in 2011, and had a few A6's back in 1998 Got a S5 Sb being delivered next week Daytona Grey Black Interior Carbon Atlas Comfort and Sound Pack Light and Vision Pack Adaptive Dampers Flat Bottom Steering wheel Folding...