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  1. Tom Ashby

    V6t B8 Oil Consumption

    Evening Ladies and Gents, I’ve owned my V6t 2011 S5 for about 5 weeks now and it had a major service at Audi Coulsdon the day before I picked it up. Since owning the oil level has gone from 90% on the digital bar to now at about 40%. I have noticed what I think is steam/vapour from the exhaust...
  2. Tom Ashby

    Cold Air Intake

    What are you guys using, I’m looking at the APR one at the moment, it’s 360 without the hose. Any recommendations? TIA.
  3. Tom Ashby

    S5 V6T

    good evening ladies and gents, Just about to commit to buying an S5 V6t on just over 80000. Got a good deal on it. Just wondering how reliable these engines are.