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  1. RosMc

    Part required: Help needed for A4 2.0 Tdi.

    Well having spent £650 on my car in the last two days (front/rear brake pads/discs & two tyres) the last thing i need is to replace part of my exhaust. My car has been making a strange rasping sound when accelerating which the garage has established is exhaust fumes escaping from the 'Exhaust...
  2. RosMc

    Britain is a riot (NSFW video inside)

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  3. RosMc

    Anyone got a roof box?

    Looking to buy a roof box for my car - got a A4 Avante. I currently have Thule Aero roof bars which i use with my two Thule 591 cycle racks. Looking to buy a roof box too, as when we go away with the dog in the boot, all our gear has to get crammed into the back seat. Im looking for...
  4. RosMc

    Show us your Mountain / Road Bike

    Now that winter has gone, its time to break out the bikes again. I'll start; My Commencal Meta 5.5 UK - this is as clean as it gets (dont really see the point as it will be filthy again in a day or two :icon_thumright: ). And my Spec Rockhopper which i use for taking the...
  5. RosMc

    The Pacific

    Not technically a movie as such, but showing on the movie channel, Cant wait; Trailer Another trailer
  6. RosMc

    Superb Normandy Photos

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  7. RosMc

    Audi Q7 seized and now used as police car

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  8. RosMc

    £12 Cineworld tickets for only £1 !

    Pay £1 to watch ANY film at Cineworld up to the value of £12 - including 3D showings! Ticket will be posted out after deal closes on friday Follow the Link then click on your location at the top to see the deal Got the link from the money...
  9. RosMc

    Anyone driven on the teeside racing circuit?

    Just wondering what its like. MIght have a day out driving supercars there, but have no idea what its like as a circuit. Any help would be appreciated as the experience aint cheap and i dont want to waste my cash. Cheers
  10. RosMc

    Its hot today !!!

    Jeez, its absolutely roasting today!!! Decided to take the dog to the beach seeing as its a rather nice day, and i thought i was going to melt. Thankfully the nice scottish water up here is freezing so was great for wading in to cool down. He seemed to enjoy himself too.:thumbsup: Driving...
  11. RosMc

    2.0 Tdi exhaust help

    Was hoping someone could help me with this. I have a 2005 A4 Avant 2.0 Tdi (140). I have the twin exhaust on the left side of the car, but have noticed that the 170's have the pipes on both sides. It looks so much better on the 170 and im wondering if its possible to fit a 170 exhaust to my...
  12. RosMc

    Remap in Scotland - where to go?

    Looking into getting my 2.0Tdi A4 remapped and just wondering if anyone could recommend a place in the central belt of Scotland. Have heard that AforAudi are good. Also Star Performance. Any opinions on places (positive or negative) would be appreciated.
  13. RosMc

    Hello - Time to convert

    Hello everyone - first post and all that. Currently own a Civic Type R, but have decided that the time is fast approaching to change for something else. Owned it for 3 years and loved every minute. Ive decided that its definately going to be an Audi, but cant decide between an Audi A3...