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  1. ROBBerto84

    JayP's S3...

    That is a gorgeous example of an S3, please don't molest it!!!
  2. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    The Haldex was done at the last service before last so not too concerned about that but it will need doing next year for sure. Main things to get sorted this year are the above plus two new tires, then next year get the haldex done with the service and two more tires, hopefully this should be...
  3. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    OK, so I need ASN's fantabulous input once again. Thanks to kelk11's awesome discount code I've decided it's a good time to get a load of bits done with the saving in cash from the brakes. I've chucked the following into my shopping basket at ECP: Pagid Disks Pagid Pads CV Boot kit (will check...
  4. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    You, sir, are a fkn legend!!! Pagid disks and pads it is, 37 quid-plus-change discount is worthy of at least a virtual high-five!
  5. ROBBerto84

    Did any body know the euros has started....

    screw football, can't stand it. The sooner this is done with the sooner it can be struck off my list of "things I don't give a flying fig about this summer" along with the Jubilee. Then it's just the Olympics to suffer through and this god-awful summer of nonsense will be done with. I was sat...
  6. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Hmm, this isn't making my life any easier people, I can't decide now! I play squash with the owner of a garage I use sometimes, might get him to order all the parts for me as I only get charged cost ex vat for parts and labour, might be able to save even more cash monies that way. Will see what...
  7. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Hang on, that's £125 for 2 discs and sets of pads? I read that as £125 per side so £250 all in. MIntex were recommended to me a while back by AMD now I come to think of it. Hmmmmmm!
  8. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Nah they didn't have them in stock, just did the free brake check they offer and gave me the news. I've looked at Euro Car Parts for OEM stuff, Pagid disks and pads come in at £123 all in (80 for 2 disks and another 43 for the pads). To be honest I did consider going down the Mintex route but as...
  9. ROBBerto84

    Undecided and need some knowledge/experience!

    As a driver of a standard S3 with no plans to modify I'd say go for the S3 but then I don't do track days and have no intention of starting. I like the fact I drive a comfortable(ish) car that can put the hammer down(ish) when I want it to. The power is nice and it's easy to drive quickly(ish)...
  10. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Well, that wasn't as straightforward as hoped! But then when is it ever. So: Pothole impact likely didn't help matters but the pad is on it's way out anyway, that's fine. The impact probably caused some misbehaviour which triggered the sensor, hence the DIS warning. The sensor wasn't uncoupled...
  11. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Haha that woukd be great and annoying at the same time, i'm about an hour into a wait at a garage for a check-up!!! FM actual L I've told the guy who's literally just got it on the ramps to check the sensor. I'm the least capable person in the world when it comes to motors but even i could have...
  12. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Hi Jojo, yes when I parked up I checked the manual and turned the car off. When I restarted it came up again. I've since restarted it after leaving it an hour or so and it came on again Thanks!
  13. ROBBerto84

    Hit a pothole, got a fault code :(

    Hi All I was driving through a local village this afternoon (so only about 30mph or less) braking for a T junction and hit what I later found to be a small crater in the road. Almost immediately I got a beep (just the one) from the DIS and the Brake Pad Wear indicator (I think) came on, this...
  14. ROBBerto84

    What Petrol Station Do You Use?

    I use Tesco Momentum. That way I can buy red wine with my clubcard points to drown my sorrows about how much petrol I buy. Recently my local went up to 146.9/litre. It's come down again, but still! Lots of red wine that week...
  15. ROBBerto84


    I was there, very good day in terms of value for money, plenty of races on, but Brands indy doesn't allow for much overtaking, although I will say from the grandstands on the main straight you can see most of the track, I'll look forward to seeing what I missed this evening
  16. ROBBerto84

    Hows your MPG!

    I managed to average 35.8 on a very conservative (read: slightly hungover) 188 mile drive from Essex to S.E Wales last week. On the way back I wasn't so conservative :( Usual is around 24 as I do a lot of town driving (2001 S3)
  17. ROBBerto84

    House mixes

    Howdy all, thought I'd drop a few links in here for mixes that myself and my label partners throw together from our weekly radio show (Tech house, Techno), as well as a few mixes that I've recorded for the car and work (Underground House). Help yourselves :) You can catch our radio show every...
  18. ROBBerto84


    Hi mate, just checked out some of your stuff on SC, the mix you put up last week is pretty bass-heavy, not bad at all :D Except for that remix of Sincere, don't mess with the classics :-P (it's only garage tune ever made that I actually like). If you like the bass heavy stuff check out the...
  19. ROBBerto84


    I do ridiculously low mileage tho, way less than 10k a year. I think I've estimated 8k this year and I've only just done 10 after 15 months of ownership!
  20. ROBBerto84


    I paid £497 this year with Admiral. Granted I'm 27 and I only have a 210bhp S3 but I also only have 2 years NCB and 2 years driving experience... :D