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    A few little bits..

    As i don't have the S3 anymore i have a few bits for sale. OEM S3 springs , ideal if you have a lesser model and want the S3 look( aprox 6500 miles covered ) OEM S3 crome grill or you fancy a change from the black grill ( as above , aprox 6500 covered ) OEM A3/S3 18 inc space saver wheel ...
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    Tonight my car was stolen. I had gone to work ( i take my wifes little Yaris and left mine at home ) the wife was letting the dogs out the back , when two lads burst in and demanded the keys , my son was up watching Chicken Little...... They got the keys and was off in a S3 flash , without...
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    S3 insurance

    Had my renewal this morning , and it was a grand saving of £20 per year!!! :keule: Does anybody know a few more of them insurance supermarket things ( i can't fill out 500 online forms ) such as , money suermarket? Thanks p
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    S3 logo on the RNS-E

    I should be getting the above soon , how do i get the S3 logo on the screen? also can i have the S3 logo on the screen all the time? ( unless i'm using the nav for directions ) Also , best chapest place for the SD cards? Ive just orderd my Alurings :) Thanks p
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    Got up this morning and noticed this?????

    It's the drivers side front wheel View before the front wheel ( bumper ) View after the front wheel ( side skirt ) Any ideas what it is? I have my car lowererd on H&R springs so if the diagonsis is gonna cost me a few £££ then i'll have to get the springs taken off and book the car in...
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    Went down to Prosport yesterday , Peter did his job with no fuss whatsoever , he even offerd to buy my dinner! We did a before run , then he plugged in the lap top and put the Revo on , then ran it again! As you can see the consistency of the rollers is second to none , at the RR day my...
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    GIAC Hammer Booked!

    I'm due to go up to Statller on wednesday for the Hammer and TBH. i'm still not 100% i'm choosing the right map? Yes all remaps/companys have + and - here are a few of mine. GIAC Hammer + very smooth powerful map , more torque than the others, can switch maps on the move. - GIAC's stock...
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    Drink holder compartment cover

    As above behind the handbrake , it dosen't close shut ( untill i want to open it ) i close it but it dosent catch/lock , so it's always open. I didn't think anything about it untill i was in Iggus car a few weeks back and he's shut tight. Anyone else with this issue? Is it a warrenty...
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    Advice please.

    Not really Audi. Our kids asked me to sell her TT 225 Roadster for her and look for a Merc SLK Roadster for her. She's got 20k max so looking at 04-05 cars , what are the model numbers? ive not got a clue, is it BHP? ie SLK200 is that 200bhp? She wants manual , any help would be great...
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    Kim Marsh S3 owner!

    Yeah thats right , Steve McDonalds bird in Corrie has a Phantom black 08 S3...bint. My missus works at Granada TV and saw her in it today. Thinking about it , i was in there last week and when i was about to drive out , all the GOONS at the gate , the autograph hunters got a right lob on and...
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    Prosport Rolling road day results

    As you can see the Std car's are making well above " book " figures. I'll leave you lot to chew on it for a bit , i'm going to bed! :bye: Thanks lads , it was a great day , and a bit thanks to Prosport too!:applaus: leon
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    Dirty Derv thoughts!

    I have a 2.0TDI A3 as a courtesy car i'm guessing it's a 170bhp model ( first time ive driven one ) In normal driving it feels faster than my S3 , i know it's all torque , but pulling away from lights it feels fast , putting your foot down in 6th on the M/way it feels just as fast as my S3...
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    1/4 mile sim!

    Just for L6ON :) p
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    Interim oil and filter change prices.

    Coming up for this , i'd rather do it sooner than later , so i rang round today. Awesome GTI = £69 inc vat Stockport Audi = £110.88 inc vat Macclesfield Audi = £146 inc vat Manchester Audi = £300 inc vat :scared2: So for the North west chaps Stockport is the place to go for the...
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    This put's my problem into perspective.

    I'd cry then kill some cnut...........:gun2: p
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    Car cover?

    Can somebody recommend me a decent car cover ( make/brand/place to buy it ) ive had a lot of problems with bird poo of late , and some of them have taken the clear coat off the car ( Audi paint/clearcoat is SOFT ) as i have a few stone chips as well , ive booked the car into a decent bodyshop...
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    Bird poo

    Ive had a few of these " matt " stains on my car since ive had it , ive tride to polish them out with no luck and used some Autoglym tar remover with no luck. I wasn't too botherd as i have a few stone chips that i was gonna get wet sanded , so was gonna get a detail at the same time. Ive...
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    S3 lowered on H&R springs

    I was asked via PM by Jamiekip for some info and pic's , but as we have quite a few new S3 owners , i thought i'll turn it into a thread instead. A before pic. After pic. A before pic. After pic. I have 25mil H&R lowering springs and 10mil H&R spacers all round First...
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    Mondays job!

    My wife runs ( not owns, i wish ) a camera crewing company out of Granada TV , shes just phoned me up now a as jobs just come in! A corporate job for a German company for a shoot at the Bentley/Bugatti plant in crewe:eyebrows: it's a big/exspensive shoot , HD camras , Gibs ( crains ) the lot...
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    Notchy gear change?

    I think my car is developing what can only bescribed as notchy gear change , it's not one fluid motion/smooth change. Cars done under 8800 miles , it's not awful by any stretch , but if there is somthing starting to go wrong i want it sorted , it could just be gear linkages or the syncro mesh...