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  1. Lewisj91

    Car not boosting properly on VCDS

    Hi, can anybody give me a hint as to why my car seems to be overboosting according to VCDS, I used to get EML for overboost until the car was serviced but haven't had any issues for a good two months, but the car has seemed to slow down.. Also VCDS is saying it is misfiring, but haven't felt...
  2. Lewisj91

    VCDS logging

    So my friend let me borrow his VCDS for a little while and today i took a log of 4th gear to redline max g/s I saw was 133, so thinking my MAF is knackered. I've attached the logs, if I need to log anything else let me know
  3. Lewisj91

    VCDS around coventry

    My engine management light came on today unsure why, has anyone got VCDS that can scan my car that lives close to coventry ?
  4. Lewisj91

    car feels flat after gear changes

    When I change gears sometimes the turbo feels like its not engaging (boosting) properly, but usually starts working again after changing gears. need to get it looked at but don't know where Seems a little better after fitting the s2000 filter (along with the nice sound "chu" sound that I'm...
  5. Lewisj91

    Coventry members

    Anyone know how many s3 owners we have in coventry ?
  6. Lewisj91

    New audi owner

    Hi Everyone, Just bought an Audi S3 8L, in silver, I will upload some pictures when I manage to fix the clutch pedal that snapped on me after picking it up :)