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  1. J

    2.7T buying advice

    As per the title - I was wondering if anyone had any advice as I'm looking at upgrading to a '99 A6 2.7T Quatty (manual 'box). I've been through the forum but can't see anything specific. I've spotted one with 120K on the clock that's already had the belt/tensionsers/pump changed at 95K but is...
  2. J

    Parts price request

    Hi Dave. Could you give me a price for the following parts please? All are for a '95 1.8 20v, A4, engine code ADR... Timing Belt Crank front oil seal Fan belt tensioner All clips for the undertray. Cheers, Justin.
  3. J

    Infamous Climate Control

    As well as having the well known display problem with the climate control unit, it's current mission, which it has started to undertake with some gusto, is trying to put me in a cryogenic state. I've managed to find a replacement unit on ebay as i'm not too crash hot with a soldering iron...
  4. J

    Just give me 5 minutes alone with them...

    Not happened to mine but has to a few people I know, just round the corner from my parents' too... They've reduced an 80 year old fella to tears - he's never had a claim on his insurance in all his driving career so just takes the...
  5. J

    Letters to the Council

    Prob been posted before knowing my luck, but still funny nonetheless...
  6. J

    Yet another photoshop request...

    Sorry, there seems to be a glut of these lately. I'm having a dilemma over what I should do about my wheels. I've currently got 18" S8 reps on but the lacquer has lifted (see 1st pic). I've also got a full set of genuine 17" 'Star" alloys that are also in need of a refurb. I was thinking of...
  7. J

    New MacBook Air

    Well naffed off - just got a Macbook and the buggers go and release this: Macbook Air I'd be frightened of snapping the ****** thing!
  8. J

    UKTV Car of the year 2007 does to...

    ...the Audi R8 - just been announced on Dave. Result!! :icon_thumright: :applaus:
  9. J

    Votex kit on ebay

    Just found this on ebay... Ebay Votex kit Seems to be a brand new Votex kit in primer - still boxed. No reserve, got to be a bargain for someone.
  10. J

    Another 'oops'!

    Had a bit of a run in with a Nissan X-Trail this aft: The other driver pulled over appearing to park and then decided to pull the front end out so that he could reverse into a side road. No indicator, no sign that he was going to pull out again and he even admitted he didn't check...
  11. J

    Cossie powered Mk2 Escort

    Apologies if this has been posted before... I've always liked the mk2s - now I know why - this thing looks like a proper handful, proper mentalist!!! :scared2: Ypg8Yqub3S8
  12. J

    National ASN Meet - interested???

    As per the title and this thread (cheers Lottie!), who'd be interested in a National ASN meet - bit like an AGM? :think: Obviously if not many are interested, there's no point. If there are enough that will be up for it then the where/what/when will come after. :eyebrows:
  13. J

    Work in progress...

    The old girl went in on Monday for some paint (originally to repair damage caused by a wayward railing - that's my story anyway :eyebrows: ) but then changed to having a couple of other bits done :tocktock: . I had a wander over today to check on progress - You can't see but under...
  14. J

    Another totty vid...

    Just seen this on MTV - bit more of the same. Sorry ladies of the forum, it's gotta be done I'm afraid. SzTVY-lUu6s :)
  15. J

    KITT's for sale...

    ...and it's not friggin cheap! link thing
  16. J

    Oh bo***cks!

    A set of railings jumped out in front of me today and did this to my front bumper: Got a quote of £60 to get it sorted. Took the opportunity to get a couple of other bits sorted too - respray the bonnet to get rid of some stone chips, bit of lacquer peeling, colour code a few other parts...
  17. J

    C B Shaw

    Been doing a bit of surfing (web wise) and found this fella.. his mixes seem to span most of the rock/house divide... it's put a smile on my face this evening anyhow!!
  18. J

    Rapture TV

    Dont know whether anybody else watches (or watched) this channel on Sky (193) - it's a dance/trance etc music and video channel that also has extreme sports and anime showing. A few days ago I noticed it had disappeared from the listings. I remember it going off a couple of years ago but it...
  19. J

    Wax lyrical

    Got this delivered today :icon_thumright: : Just waiting for the ****** weather to sort itself out now so I can get using it!!
  20. J

    Sent home!

    We've just been sent home from work:yahoo: - there's been a powercut and the engineers have said it's likely to be off for at least the next 4 hours!! :thumbsup: I've never seen 500 people move as fast!! :undwech: