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  1. CazzaVR

    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    Previous owners 3 Mileage 125K MOT 30/8/21 Full Service History- main dealer/independent specialist (service book is present and fully stamped) I have owned this car for nearly 7 years. It’s been an absolute joy to own and has been an incredibly reliable daily. It’s a truly stunning factory...
  2. CazzaVR

    Front ARB Replacement Cost?

    Anyone got a rough idea how much it will cost to change the front ARB (standard bar and bushes)? I've been quoted £277 inc parts & labour (inc alignment check).
  3. CazzaVR

    Protyre (Gloucester) Wheel Alignment?

    My S3 was in need of alignment, so took it to Protyre in Gloucester, as they seem to have a good rep. I gave them these figures (found on here): -0.5 rear camber -1.3 front camber zero toe However, they weren't interested and told me they couldn't adjust the rears as it's a MKIV platform...
  4. CazzaVR

    Why is my engine beeping at me?!

    Got home tonight and I could hear a faint beeping sound like a reversing lorry. Opened the bonnet and it was coming from the rear left of the engine bay near the brake fluid reservoir. I checked the oil, which was low, so topped it up. Beeping stopped a few minutes later. Any ideas?
  5. CazzaVR

    O/S Sidelight Bulbs Keep Failing

    Any ideas? Got LEDs and they only seem to last a few weeks. The passenger side is fine.
  6. CazzaVR

    Worrying whirring noise

    My S3 has developed a strange noise. It sounds like a low pitched whirring noise, that changes with the revs. it's there at idle and is quite loud from cold and seems to pretty much disappear once the car has warmed up. Seems to be coming from the left or rear of the engine- pretty difficult to...
  7. CazzaVR

    Fault Code 17861 After Clutch Change

    Just had the clutch changed and I'm now getting 17861 fault Code, which wasn't present before. Could this be due to the clutch change, or just coincidence? Is it something I need to get fixed pronto? Any ideas?
  8. CazzaVR

    Clutch Diagnosis

    Hi guys, Went to drive the car a few days ago after it had been stood for a couple of weeks and the clutch just felt weird. Very light, and the biting point seemed lower. Stayed the same for most of the week, then yesterday the pedal stayed on the floor. I had to lift it up with my toe. The car...
  9. CazzaVR

    Lower Windscreen Moulding?

    Hi guys, Need to get hold of the lower windscreen moulding asap. It's the thin strip that clips to the bottom edge of the windscreen. The scuttle panel clips onto it. Any ideas where I can get hold of one quickly? Cheers!
  10. CazzaVR

    Suspension Bush Torque Settings?

    Hi guys, Going to be changing the outer CV boot, front wishbone bushes, ARB bushes, drop-links, ball joints, top mounts and rear trailing arm bushes tomorrow morning. Just wondering if someone would be a true gent and post up the torque settings for all the bolts? Would be very much...
  11. CazzaVR

    S3 8L Front Engine Cover

    Hi, I'm after the small front engine cover for my 2002 BAM S3. It's the one that sits in front of the intake manifold next to the dipstick. Think the partnumber is 06A119518L Would also need the two locking screws. Many thanks.
  12. CazzaVR

    Tuning Priorities?

    Hi guys, I'm working my way through a list of essentials, such as cambelt etc, but will hopefully soon start tuning. I'm not really sure which order to do stuff as I'm on a limited budget. The car already has 007p, B5 TIP with BMC cone and I'm pretty certain it has a remap. So, what next...
  13. CazzaVR

    Cazza's Avus Silver Ess

    Hi all, Got my S3 two weeks ago. I've owned Corrados for 12 years and really felt it was time for a change. Needed something more modern with rear seats, yet still fun and withing budget. Initially looked at the Cupra-R, but was eventually won over by the build quality and Haldex of the S3...
  14. CazzaVR

    Alternative headlamp switch?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if any other VAG models have the same headlamp switch/surround as the 2002 S3? The black on mine is peeling so badly- it looks terrible and is bugging me badly and I've only owned the car a few hours lol!
  15. CazzaVR

    Buying S3. Opinions please!

    Hi guys, Just sold my Corrado and put a £250 deposit down on a nice S3 last month. 2001 AMK, 100K miles, FSH etc. 2 owners, totally standard. In good nick, felt tight, drove well. Owner seems very legit and reckoned the car was 'perfect'. However, the fact it had been on a longlife service...
  16. CazzaVR

    Hi! Storm to S3 :)

    Hi guys, After around 12 years of Corrado ownership, I've decided to move on to something a little newer. Always liked the mk 1 S3 and have found a nice black AMK engined example fairly near me. Will be collecting it in two weeks- can't wait! First thing I'll do is get it serviced. It's been...