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  1. Stevo5

    Sold Milltek Non Res Race exhaust full system B9 RS5/RS4 non OPF/GPF

    Taken off my recently sold RS5. This is for the pre FL version (mine was a 2018) and is with the black tips. Put less than 2k miles on the exhaust. The near side rear tip had rubbed on the upper body so there were some marks that I sanded down and resprayed with heat resistant (up to 600 C)...
  2. Stevo5

    For Sale Milltek non res

    Identical ad that I’ve placed on the ‘other’ RS forum. As stated this is for a pre FL RS4/5 on the B9 platform. Mine was a 2018 model recently sold. Biggest gripe by far on the B9 is lack of sound. The Milltek really sorts this out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Stevo5

    Sold 2018 B9 RS5 for sale with massive spec and extras

    This is an identical post that’s on ‘another’ RS forum. Ideally I’d like to sell to another enthusiast who will appreciate and look after the car. Would also like to avoid the pain of Auto Trader etc as that is always a drama-especially with fast Audis. Decided to move on from my RS5 after...
  4. Stevo5

    Thinking of moving on but what next?

    Almost coming up to a year with the RS5 and while I love it to's just still too smooth for my liking. I've had some really aggressive motors in my time and have loved them all (apart from an A45 AMG which was the worst mistake). It's a very complete car and ticks most of the boxes...
  5. Stevo5

    Winter Tyres for B9 RS5

    It’s Winter Tyre Time coming up it looks like and after a trawl for the 5 the options seem to be (I’m on 20’’ rims 275/30): Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 Dunlop Winter Sport 3D Conti Winter Contact TS850P Pirelli Winter 270 Sottozero Series 2 Hankook W320 Evo 2 Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Any...
  6. Stevo5

    Milltek Non Res Race exhaust fitted

    After 1 failed order and a lengthy wait (3 months which was frustrating) finally got the Milltek through and fitted. I used TSR Performance in Cornwall Who will ship it anywhere in the UK as part of the price. It comes in two massive boxes so shipping to the fitter is the best option...
  7. Stevo5

    Wanted Non - res exhaust for Audi B9 RS5 2018

    hi, as stated I'm on the lookout for a non resonated exhaust for my 2018 RS5. Had a demo on a Milltek non-res race exhaust and it sounded good so that's the preferred model please or very similar. If anyone knows of any retailers offering good discounts currently that would also be welcomed...
  8. Stevo5

    Wanted RS5 B9 non-res exhaust plus floor mats

    Hi, bit of a long shot this as hardly any on the road-looking to purchase a non res exhaust for the car. Have had a demo on a Milltek non-res race and it sounded great. In the off chance anyone is selling one or knows where good discounts are available please sound up. Also looking for OEM RS...
  9. Stevo5

    B9 RS5 owner new to forum

    Hi all, recently found this forum and seems to be some good knowledge on here-am also active on the RS246 forum plus some FB ones also. Picked up an Audi approved used model (Jan 2018 B9 RS5 coupe) just before lockdown (I did pause for serious thought before getting back into some expensive...
  10. Stevo5

    RS owner new to forum

    hello all, new to this forum and a returning Audi RS owner. Previous car was a BMW 2017 M3 Comp and now in an (almost) fully loaded) 2018 RS5 coupe. Owned a V10 and a V8 RS6 before plus numerous other M and Alpina cars. Looking forward to getting/giving/sharing info! cheers