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  1. stapo69

    Silver B5 A4 on A8 mono's

    Spotted a lovely looking silver b5 saloon dropped on A8 mono's on the A1 north, between peterborough and stamford. I was in my nogaro blue S4 on compomotives, car looked great, awesome stance on the road!
  2. stapo69

    My Redline magazine feature out on monday!

    So had my Redline feature shot a month or so ago, great day, top people and some excellent photos. Here's a sneaky for you, got the mag in the post today but out to buy on monday.
  3. stapo69

    My S4 now finally on airride

    This should cause some controversy! So i thought it was about time I put some pics of the motor up now it's got to a reasonable state, a UK first? B5 S4 on air? The airride was half easy, the front as it's been done before on Passats, fwd A4s an A6s, the rear however was another story, I was...
  4. stapo69

    Redline magazine:Nurburgring special

    So I was getting my car shot for it's feature in Redline magazine and the guys were telling me about the issue on sale end of he month, gonna be a Nurburgring special, and as I'm sure plenty of you guys either go already and want to go I thought I'd share. They're giving away free laps too if...
  5. stapo69

    Looky what I got in the post this morning!

    So I had a rubbish week so like any good man who needs cheering up I spent some silly money on my car! Although I think it's a reasonable price for what I got, not that the missus agrees. £400 for a brand new TT-S/R8 etc steering wheel that's gonna look seeeeeeeexy in my motor! A few quid for...
  6. stapo69

    GTi Inters 09 Pictures/videos Part 3

    Some nice pics on here, I forgot my camera, was hoping someone would have the odd shot of S4 in show and shine on sunday, anyone? The noggy S4 on Bentleys.
  7. stapo69

    Accelerator pedal differences?

    Is there a difference between early and late A4/S4 throttle pedals? I'm looking into getting a set of AWE tuning pedal covers for my S but looking at them the accelerator cover is curved, but mine is flat. Now these are made by AWE in the states, so they go on the 2000-2002 models and looking at...
  8. stapo69

    Facelift cantre console cigarette lighter

    Don't suppose anyone has one of these, or knows where I can get one other than Audi? I'm after the parts to fit the cigarette lighter into the panels next to the hand brake cover, instead of the cupholders that are there at present, I'm fitting a gauge and switch panel where the ashtray sits...
  9. stapo69

    Dubmania, Telford, 6th and 7th July

    Found this on my browse for shows, a new one for this year, so be nice to turn out a good attandance of Audis, few of us going up from the peterborough area if anyone wants to tag along or meet on the way. It's this weekend coming, think we're aiming for the sunday.
  10. stapo69

    98 S4 Bose rear shelf speakers and sub problem

    I have he full amped 10 speaker Bose set up in my 1998 S4. Just noticed yesterday the rear shelf speakers and sub have stopped working but I still have the front and rear doors working. They all worked before and I have the correct ISO connector to run it all properly. Cannot see why just...
  11. stapo69

    Bose rear shelf speakers and sub stopped working?

    I have he full amped 10 speaker Bose set up in my 1998 S4. Just noticed yesterday the rear shelf speakers and sub have stopped working but I still have the front and rear doors working. They all worked before and I have the correct ISO connector to run it all properly. Cannot see why just...
  12. stapo69

    Vehicle speed sensor

    Whilst driving into work this morning my speedo stopped working, needle dropped to 0 for about half a mile, then popped up and worked fine the rest of the way. Read the fault codes when I got here, brings up 16885, which is a vehicle speed sensor fault, my question is where is the speed sensor...
  13. stapo69

    My car in Golf+ magazine soon.

    Just got back from the shoot for my feature in Golf+ magazine, so if anyone reads it keep an eye out in the next couple of issues. Met up with David Corefield at a location just down the road from me to get some shots of my S4, and looking at what he took they should look stunning, the guy...
  14. stapo69

    Quick video with new downpipes fitted

    As it says just a quick one with the new Labree splitmouth donwpipes fitted, eventually, combined with the Vibrant cat-back system. Car works real well now with them all fitted up, spool up is sooooo much quicker, power comes in a lot earlier, really feels like she's starting to build pace...
  15. stapo69

    Smallest wheels that fit S4s?

    As it says what's the smallest size wheel diameter wise I can fit over the brakes on my S4, looking at getting a spare set to use on the track.
  16. stapo69

    Any old set of 17" wheels needed

    I'm after any old set of 17" wheels for my S4 to use at the Ring later this year, doesn't matter if they're curbed, scratched, marked, as long as they're solid and straight, need to be 5x112 around et35-45, 7j to 8j. I'll consider anything whatever style they are, Audi, VW Merc, whatever you...
  17. stapo69

    Retro fitting cruise control part question

    Anyone know what parts, with numbers, I'd need to fit cruise control on my 1998 Audi S4? Looking on ebay and the audi b5 kits are around £150-£200, however the b5 Passat kits are easily £100 cheaper, I know these share a lot of parts with ours, but what about the cruise control? All look very...
  18. stapo69

    Snow day!!!!!

    Woke up this morning to find this! Always wanted a white S4. Good old council not gritted anywhere god bless em! So here I sit, don't fancy ploughing the roads with my bumper, 2" of clearance really isn't enough in 6" of snow! Everyone else having fun?
  19. stapo69

    S4 thermostat replacement

    Is it possible to replace the thermostat on an S4 without taking the belts off? My oil and water temps seem to only be getting to about 80 degrees recently so I'm thinking the thermostat could be stuck open and so ant to replace it if it's easy enough. I shall have most of the front end off...
  20. stapo69

    2.8 Fault code help please

    Read the father in laws 2.8 today as it's running like a bag of poo. Vagcom came up with these: 3 Faults Found: 00561 - Mixture Adaptation 15-00 - Adaptation Limit (Add) Not Reached 00561 - Mixture Adaptation 13-10 - Adaptation Limit (Mul) Not Reached - Intermittent 01088 - Mixture Control...