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  1. beaker

    RS 4?? AMG strikes back!!!

    Perfectly finished! The build quality looks exceptional.
  2. beaker

    Bike Sales

    I know theres a few bikers on this site so does anyone know of any websites that allow you to advertise one for free?
  3. beaker

    997 GT3 RS review (pistonheads)

    Nah I disagree, that would make my eyes bleed! Last time I seen a colour like that it was on a Polo or something. Truly honking!
  4. beaker

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a senior artist at a computer game company. Just finished up on an Xbox 360 title that gets released early next year.
  5. beaker

    To all Scottish Members

    Sounds like a good one. Sorry I missed it but ended up in Glasgow all weekend, though did pass through Crieff on way home about 7pm. Didn't see any debris or police tape so I guess it all went fine.
  6. beaker

    Scotland BEAT France!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Incredible!!!, 3 pts clear at top of a group with France, Italy and Ukraine in. Lets hope this lasts. Bring on the Shevchenko and co on Wednesday! Smiths waving a magic wand right now.
  7. beaker


    You should be able to get it soon. Starts Oct 4 in US so I guess torrents will be around from the 5th.
  8. beaker


    OK, for the diehards out there here's a link... Was made by the creators as part of the build up to series 3. Reveals a bit more about whats going on.
  9. beaker

    Lambo doors on an A4!

    Look ridiculous on an A4.
  10. beaker


    Oct 4 can't wait. Soupie, what format are the files? Try installing DivX and running them through media player. If that doesn't work PM me and I can send you a copy of them. Should fit on a CD.
  11. beaker

    Any sparkies in the house?

    Cheers Andy, i'll have another look at it. Rev, i posted a reply into your meet thread.
  12. beaker

    Any sparkies in the house?

    Thats what I was thinking. Its not a massive shock but its not pleasant either. Maybe need to get someone to check it out.
  13. beaker

    Richard Hammond critically ill

    Just spotted this on the BBC site but knew someone would have posted here already. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.
  14. beaker

    Any sparkies in the house?

    If there are, can one of you tell me if the TV aerial socket carries a lot of voltage and/or current. I keep getting zapped when connecting my TV and I've never had that happen before.
  15. beaker


    Only done 30k on mine.
  16. beaker


    We've got accomodation booked in the centre of all locations so it should be easy to get about. Looking forward to it, heard good things.
  17. beaker


    Hi, I'm off for a trip through the Baltics in a couple of weeks with some mates, ending up in Lithuania to hopefully see Scotland take some points from one of the few games we might actually win in this qualifying group. Trip starts in Helsinki, then onto Tallin, Riga and finally Vilnius...
  18. beaker

    New Album from The Who

    I seen them at T in the Park, good but not the same without Big John. My Generation was a poor mans attempt at his mental bass lines. Townshend and Daltrey can still do it though. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  19. beaker

    T in the Park

    Anybody here going? I'm there both days, can't wait!
  20. beaker

    How sad are you

    Well, I got 50 but I have to confess I had no idea about that porsche 914 so I guess that makes 48