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  1. sammi

    Sky TV Deals???

    The most I could get out of them 2 weeks ago was half price infinity internet for 12 months. £10 off was better than nothing.. Mind you We have phone, internet, entertainment extra , movies , one multi room and hd package our average bill is usually £110 a month :-( we have looked into other...
  2. sammi

    Beard trimmers!

    Looks like u need to invest in the link I posted too! It's a trimmer that I've used in salons for years and as long as you leave them on their charging station you won't have a problem with it dying. Most trimmers you buy in boots etc don't very often last very long it's just how it is! Put...
  3. sammi

    Beard trimmers!

    If it's a beard trimmer yr after not a shaver these are amazing... No I don't have a beard but I'm a hairdresser!! Wella Cordless Contura Trimmer
  4. sammi

    Michael Schumacher fights for his life

    So sad :-(
  5. sammi

    R.I.P paul walker

    an amazing man, absolutely gutted, I'm still in shock. i hope he was smiling right to the end rip paul walker & Roger rodas
  6. sammi

    What mobile phone do you have?

    i have an i phone 5. We have always had i phones. If it has an apple logo on it we probably have at least one at home! we made the mistake of buying a samsung tab 2 for our 3 year olds birthday and soon began to regret it as we soon realised why everything we have is apple! it all syncs together...
  7. sammi

    Eye opener for some

    :0( I'm speechless
  8. sammi

    What if, in dreamworld, you who the Lotto and had an unlimited budget for cars ?

    first things first id have to buy my amazing husband a new vspec gtr... ... Right now he s off my back i can go shopping !!! Id have to have a GT2 RS to keep at my house in the hills nr the nurburgring Id have an RS6 estate for my shopping and the kids school run and id be quite happy with...
  9. sammi

    Another house becomes an Audi Magnet.

    ouch... ! time to move house ?!
  10. sammi

    ASN's Pub

    I always had tropical fish until a couple of years ago, always want another tank but it's just one more thing to clean!
  11. sammi

    Anybody else old enough....

    My first game console was a NES and I still have it! :-)
  12. sammi

    what previous hot hatches have you had??

    i have only had three hot hatches and they were all over 13 years ago ... ouch! since then i have had fast saloons my list of hatches are: SR nova GSI corsa Nisan pulsar gti-R... which welcomed me to the wonderful world of fast cars that i live in today!!!
  13. sammi

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  14. sammi

    Rear ended

    somebody went into the back of me whilst i was stationary with my children in our last car. i could see little damage to my car so said we could sort it out privately but the lady who drove into me decided to go through her insurance anyway. as for the car it needed more than we realised and we...
  15. sammi

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  16. sammi

    Ever been an hour early for work?

    Better than being a week early! It's so hard being blonde! I hope you weren't lonely for long!!
  17. sammi

    biscuits. mmmmmm

    oreos with vanilla ice cream...... jammy dodgers on the run..... but defo milk chocolate mcvities digestives dunked in a nice cup of tea ;0)
  18. sammi


    thanks its really bad at the mo :(
  19. sammi

    Horrific murder in SE London - suspected terror attack

    what the hell is wrong with this country :( i really cant believe the world we live in, makes me wonder why on earth i brought my kids into this world:(
  20. sammi

    Are you posh?

    Sounds more traveller than posh!