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    Anyone Shark Stg 3 here? Thoughts?

    Try and get a drive in one of each or see some dyno graphs?
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    Anyone Shark Stg 3 here? Thoughts?

    Unit 20 have just become a Shark Performance dealer too.
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    A4 tfsi rough idle and fails to start

    This thread mentions issues with various things to check. HPFP solved a few issues by the look of it, have you had the cam follower changed recently? P0172 suggestions? - Page 2
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    Bad week... where to start

    That's a bit like how long is a piece of string. Mine is a 2.0tfsi at stage 2 and has been for nearly 20,000 miles with no clutch slip. The diesel has more torque and that's what kills the clutch. Don't bother risking it as the remap will be putting more torque through than std and the...
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    Bad week... where to start

    Dont bother fitting an oem one if you are considering a hybrid. You are far better off fitting an uprated clutch and being done with it.
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    Revo Remap problem

    If they disconnected the battery is there a chance it has reverted back to basic revo settings?
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    S3 odd power loss

    The fuel thing is probably coincidental as they are just really rebranding. It's best to get it scanned and see what faults arise. Mine played up a bit with the intake manifold flap. Where abouts are you based as it may help people with vcds who could scan it for you? Hope you get it sorted.
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    Just had a Shark remap on my 140 bhp TDI

    Rick, yes the sts is £150 and the file £349. Why did you not call shark a few days ago when you were not happy? They can't have sent you the wrong file as you sent it to them when you read your ecu. It is this file they work with to create the performance and immobiliser files. These are...
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    2.0 TDi Remapping - Revo vs Shark

    Little bit of a sweeping generalisation? Don't Revo dealers just upload a standard file with a tool the same as everyone else? It's just the file itself that is different.
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    Remap options/question

    Carbonio looks pretty but doesn't really do an awful lot else to be honest. As the filter sits in the engine cover you are still getting it warmed up nicely. I would just go for an intake and get the gains with stage 2. As above ITG are well proven and Shark notice gains over an Evoms when...
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    engine problem s3 2012

    Check the MAF sensor as it could have been damaged when fitting the intake. It's unlikely you will have an issue with the HPFP on a 2012 car.
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    Remap ?? Help please

    You should declare all mods. It's foolish not too. If you can't afford the premium increase then don't do it. If you kill a child and you need your legal expenses cover then imagine how you would feel when they wriggle out and you aren't covered?
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    Solder free bench remaps now available for protected ecu's
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    Few questions,,

    Armrest looks cheap enough to try and throw away if it's rubbish. I'd try a breakers for a genuine one personally. No idea on the short shifter. What about a forge one? You already answered your own question if you have listened to your mates fm transmitter. Maybe look at the connects2 kits...
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    CNC Goodies for the 8L forum

    Have a look here and let us know what you think. Thanks ;)
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    Suzuka Grey MY10 S3

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    Suzuka Grey MY10 S3

    Straight swap for any octy Vrs?
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    Suzuka Grey MY10 S3

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    Need a little help - VAGCOM owners in Kent

    I have found the info and printed it out. You still need to manually adjust them though. The reset puts them into their central position. Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Xenon Headlamp Adjustment
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    Need a little help - VAGCOM owners in Kent

    I just replied to your email and will give you a call later. I can have a look tonight for you. Rob