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  1. Adamantium

    For Sale OEM Audi RS7 20"wheels and tyres (split 5 spoke deep offset)

    Not sure if forum rules allow this so apologies if not but see ebay sale. wheels are lightly marked except one which needs a refurb - may do this myself. Tyres are excellent all round. Other option is I refit these and sell the 19" rotors with winter...
  2. Adamantium

    For Sale Iabed aftermarket enlarged throttle body and loom adapter for B8.5 S5

    see here: includes 75mm throttle body. £400 plus postage or collection from watford area.
  3. Adamantium

    For Sale RS5 B8.5 front grille - silver

    No cracks, comes complete with the brackets to support pdc sensors. £250 plus postage or collection from watford area.
  4. Adamantium

    For Sale Nearly new mechatronics (done 200 miles) module for B8/B8.5 7 speed

    Bought this brand new from TPS to resolve an issue with my car. Turned out to not be the solution. Ended up replacing the gearbox and rather than chucking the old one complete with this module, I ditched the gearbox only and kept the mechatronics. If anyone needs one that doesn't need a refurb...
  5. Adamantium

    For Sale FIS- Control module for MMI for B8/B8.5

    Probably best to google it if not familiar. Produces customisable digital gauges for your mmi screen, including boost, oil temp etc. Removed from my car only because I'm selling up- company car coming. £200
  6. Adamantium

    For Sale 4x Continental Wintercontact TS380P 245/35/19

    Bought these for a mk3 TTS but never fitted them and now the car has sold. They all have 8mm tread everywhere although I didn't buy them new. They were demonstration vehcile tyres from germany and have covered under 500 miles but the car legally canot be sold with them outside winter months...
  7. Adamantium

    Lower X brace

    Alu kreuz or 034 motorsport. Both look the same, both are symmetrical, I assume the rhd car is a mirror image of the lhd car and yet the brace is some way below the steering rack so why the hell are they sold as LHD only and why can’t we get one?
  8. Adamantium

    Carplay add on

    just wanted to report that I’ve had the carplay standalone unit fitted having bought it from AliExpress and am seriously impressed with it for the money. I’ve known of several people having issues which are either compatibility or faulty units but mine seems to work exactly as expected...
  9. Adamantium

    Need help - full VCDS scan required from a fully ADS equipped B8.5 S4/S5

    Hi, In advance of my dynamic steering retrofit, I am wondering if anyone could be so kind as to provide me with a FULL VCDS scan from a car with a full compliment of ADS features - sport diff, dynamic suspension and dynamic steering. It would be much appreciated. pm me if you can/are willing...
  10. Adamantium

    CREC engine supercharger clutch

    FYI, I have been in contact with a client of mine who produces urdated clutches and drivetrain components for the automotive aftermarket. Typically they focus on twin clutch gearbox torque limits but are more than capable of looking in to this too. I will report back if there’s anything useful...
  11. Adamantium

    Intercooler radiator

    Need a bit of help here. Being new to the car (not even got it yet really) I’d like to understand the tuning potential. I’ve bought an eventuri intake and a fluid damper with 3.08:1 drive ratio for the supercharger. I’m going to get a storm developments s-tronic remap and a Litchfield engine...
  12. Adamantium

    Anyone got an RNSE, AMI and an iPhone?

    Hi all, want to ask someone to test the functionality of something for me. Theres an excellent ap called cameralert, that uses gps and hen pocketgps database to alert you to known speed camera sites including mobile sites. I just want to know if, when plugged in to the ami and listening to the...
  13. Adamantium

    More NHN modding and a clear wrap.

    Nigel has taken my car away in order to fit S3 side skirts which he is also having painted for me. At the same time he is fitting an S3 rear bumper instead of the 2009 s-line bumper I had before. He's also having rear parking sensors installed which I am hoping one day to match with front...
  14. Adamantium

    will 245 40 18s fit the car, and on OEM audi alloys

    Hi all, Please see title really. I have the OEM split 7 spokes as my winter wheels, and I'm looking at buying the flat 5 spoke S3 wheels for my summer tyres, but I really want michelin pilot supersports. Only trouble is they don't come in 225 40 18s. They do come in 245 40 18s and possibly...
  15. Adamantium

    Conversion: 8p2 quattro sport to S3/S-Line hybrid

    Thought I'd start a new thread just to show pics that would make this more easily searched. A list of the mods is in my other thread. Pretty much every bit you'd ask about changing has been changed. I'm very happy with the results. Before: Uploaded with Uploaded with...
  16. Adamantium

    Badge situation

    Hi all, I've put an 8P2 S3 front bumper and grille on my car, and an 8P3 rear S-Line bumper. My car is an 8P2 quattro sport tdi. I'm not happy about the front being badged an S3 when it isn't and also the wing mirrors don't match. Does anyone know if I can just switch the S3 badge in the...
  17. Adamantium

    Fitted an 8P3 s-line rear valance....

    Now what do I do about the down turned twin exhaust from my 140 tdi sport notting coming far back enough to reach the cut out in the valance?
  18. Adamantium

    If anyone is contemplaing fitting a hybrid turbo in their tdi quattro.....

    ...don't bother! Am sure it will be great once remapped, but had I known there was about 10 hours work rquired to swap the damn thing over, I'm not sure I would have bothered. Mine was whistling, so it was going to have to go at some point, but damn, what a ballache of a job!
  19. Adamantium

    NHN - Nigel does it again - first wave of mods.

    Just wanted to post a big thanks to Nigel (NHN) for the work he did on my car. I had a long business trip up to ttork and was desperate to get the bluetooth installed in advance. Nigel managed to sort his schedule to get it installed allowing me the use of my phone during the 8 hours of...
  20. Adamantium

    How do I remove the centre console?

    Sorry if this has been coveted before, but I could find it in search.