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  1. no_idea

    Audi Driver/Volkswagen Driver

    Not sure if I have missed the post elsewhere, I did search, but Autometrix Publications have gone into liquidation. I received the insolvency notice this morning. They not only published the two magazines but were responsible for GTI International, Audi Driver International and various track...
  2. no_idea

    VAG Group cancels 'TECH pack' cars?

    I have just heard from a friend who does car finance that as of about 4pm today VAG group have cancelled all vehicle deliveries if the car has the 'tech pack'. No more details given yet as to whether this is a software, hardware or license issue or even what it specifically relates to! He has...
  3. no_idea

    RS4 enhancement detail

    I had an enhancement detail carried out on the RS4 today. The paint was fairly swirl free to start with, it just needed a freshen up. Very pleased with the results. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. no_idea

    Returning member

    Thought I would re-introduce myself. I have been a member for a while. My previous car a few years back was an A4 Avant 3.0 quattro sport. Loved this car I had a drive in it recently as I sold it to my dad. In fact I drove it to pick up my latest car. It is a B8 RS4 and I absolutely love it. I...
  5. no_idea

    Thinking about selling

    Hi all, I am thinking of selling my A4 3.0 quattro sport avant. (6 speed manual & it's silver) I have no idea what it is worth and whether I should leave it as it is or take off the extras I have fitted. I bought it from an Audi dealer fitted with black buffalino leather, heated seats, symphony...
  6. no_idea

    S3 20 spoke wheel swop?

    My brother is looking at a mint 57 plate S3, but he does not like the 18" 20 spoke wheels fitted to it. My question is what is the general opinion of these wheels and would anybody be interested in swopping them for a standard set of 18" wheels or if anyone has a set of mint standard wheels for...
  7. no_idea

    B6 Avant dodgy sounding Bose sub

    I have a B6 Avant (2002) with Bose and the sub makes a 'farty' noise. It is more noticeable from outside the car. The amp fitted is the earlier black one without the audiopilot. I bought a new complete sub enclosure and swapped the speaker over but no difference. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.