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  1. Jimmeh

    Checking In - A4 3.0 TDi Quattro Avant S-Line

    Welcome David! Good choice! Not a bad collection of previous cars, either! Feel free to post some pics! Past and present.
  2. Jimmeh

    Hey all :)

    Good luck! I had to let my S8 (8l) go March 2009 for practicality (hense the A4 Avant), but, would buy it back tomorrow if I could! What's your location? Any preference on the colours? Be sure to post pics when you find one.
  3. Jimmeh

    New to the ASN!

    Welcome along! What springs/suspension setup are you running? Thinking about doing so to mine (but I can't lose the practicality as I carry loads of kit which weighs a tonne..) wondering how you're getting on with yours?!
  4. Jimmeh

    Newbie with my first ever Audi

    Nice, Steve. Welcome along! Nice day today for a bit of cruising around, eh? Be sure to post some pics of the new motor! Enjoy.
  5. Jimmeh

    Hi all

    Nice motor Rich - any pics to post?! Welcome along. :salute:
  6. Jimmeh

    Newbie A4 Avant s-line owner :)

    May I have your interior pleeeeease?!!!? More images!!! :)
  7. Jimmeh

    Newbie saying hi to all

    Were you at Audi's in the Park? The name rings a bell - I think I was given one of your leaflets by the girls walking round in black..
  8. Jimmeh

    Newbie. Greetings All!

    you missed the closing '/' in the second tag. try again! (but without the spaces)
  9. Jimmeh


    What colour, Stu? Recentely had my hands on a Daytona Grey Pearl b7 RS4 and WOW. Be sure to post some piccies!!
  10. Jimmeh

    Newbie from Leicester

    Hi Gamble, Welcome along! Did you make it to todays Audi's In The Park show at Kettering? Another great turnout and lots of lovely Audi's to oodle over! :) Whats the plans for the A3? Any pics to share with us all?
  11. Jimmeh

    Newbie with A4 TDi Sport checking in from MCR

    Hi there, Sounds like a nice model; going from an e46 M3 and a mapped 530d to a 130 1.9 TDi must be a bit, boring? Hang on a sec, you probably still have the M3.. You state the A4 is a daily drive so one can only assume the M3 is garaged? Look forward to the photos!
  12. Jimmeh

    afternoon all

    decent figures there, Rob. Looks well, too. Whats the "GoFaster" company in the background?
  13. Jimmeh

    ‘03 S6 Avant – should I buy it with this many miles?

    Welcome chap - your best bet for the S6 info would be to dive into the sub-forums dedicated to them if you haven't already..
  14. Jimmeh

    New S3 Owner!

    Hi Alex, welcome along! :) I had to get rid of my Hibiscus red S3 around a year ago today.. Gutted. Still riding around in an Audi though.. I do miss having the 'poke' from time to time. ..........*sigh*
  15. Jimmeh

    new here

    Welcome guys. Welcome along.. Get some images splashed around of your cars :)
  16. Jimmeh

    A4 Newbie, saying hello!!

    can we swap interiors, please :)?
  17. Jimmeh

    Ello all

    A nice introduction Andy. Welcome along.
  18. Jimmeh


    Welcome Howdy from a fellow Lincs chap! :) Great choice - loving the Quattro? Did you have the car in the snow and slush? My A4 performed very well indeed. Get some pictures posted up! Jim
  19. Jimmeh

    Hey all

    Welcome along Rossman. Be sure to get some pictures posted of the S3! I'm just up the road to you - well, the A1.. a pretty long road, but, still :)
  20. Jimmeh

    new member direpcuser

    Hi Darren. Welcome along.. Any more details on the car? A b6 or b7? Can you post photos?!