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    B7 Location of rs owners

    New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
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    Exhaust sound

    That's what I have. B7 RS4 with Milltek 200-cell down pipes on Milltek non-res, valved. Sounds great. Drone from about 1,800 to 2,000 rpm, easily avoided, and not all that intrusive. JHM tune for full effect. No sound clips right now, will have to figure out how to get one by myself...
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    B7 Front discs

    Doing a little research, in case it might save you some pain: Searching ETKA on that part number, it says suffix "A" is superseded by suffix "B", which in turn is superseded by suffix "D", but that all are interchangeable (reverse supersession). ETKA says the 420 615 301 D is the correct part...
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    B7 Front discs

    Those look like rear discs, not fronts.