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  1. RAF_S7

    Approved Used A7 service history

    You may be over thinking it…. The service interval on these boxes is 40k miles. Also, it’s quite an expensive service (mainly due to the cost of the oil) so it’s possible that it was serviced outside of the dealer network (which is fine and doesn’t invalidate any warranty). Regardless of...
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    **URGENT**Autowatch Immobiliser - Any Professional dealers/installers here?

    Thanks for your replies guys :icon thumright: I wasn't able to overcome the AWG2 security system, even with the keys. Autowatch were not able to help as the system wasn't recorded with them. (But not for lack of trying, so shout out to them and their G2 product) I got the car recovered in the...
  3. RAF_S7

    **URGENT**Autowatch Immobiliser - Any Professional dealers/installers here?

    Yeah I have his V5 and insurance certificate. If I can’t overcome the Autowatch challenge I will arrange for recovery before the weekend.:icon thumright:
  4. RAF_S7

    **URGENT**Autowatch Immobiliser - Any Professional dealers/installers here?

    Anyone?? :sos: My younger brother (Focus RS :blink:) parked his car in a hospital car park to drop his daughter off for her annual check up. Parked his car, got out and fell to the ground after suffering a blood clot on the brain, which had caused a stroke. He’s out of immediate danger...
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    **URGENT**Autowatch Immobiliser - Any Professional dealers/installers here?

    Hi Guys, Im in need of some professional urgent advice regarding an Autowatch system. If we have any dealer or pro installers in the group, can you message me? if we have a Glasgow dealer/installer, even better :icon thumright: Thanks, John.
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    Dash dimmer knob

    Item # 7A here. You can order the cap as an individual item :racer:
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    S6 collection day...... Hopefully [emoji1696]

    Congrats on the new ride. It’s addictive :racer:
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    Welcome to Brexit unfortunately :blink: DHL are allowed (under the Brexit terms) to add a handling fee - for the additional paperwork and processing required, on top-of the actual 20% VAT:blue: There are a couple of people in the forum who can activate for you - try @NHN and see if he can...
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    S6 worth the price

    Ambient lighting was part of the extended lighting pack, so if you can get a copy of the options on the car, that should tell you :thumbs up:
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    Audi S7

    Very likely was, which is good news because replacing the oil screens is part of the turbo replacement TSB. There are a couple of oil lines that feed oil under pressure to the turbo bearings. These oil lines have metal mesh filter screens inline with the oil lines, but the filter screens are a...
  11. RAF_S7

    S6 worth the price

    Fairly standard Spec S6, nice colour, mileage is below average. Having a history is essential, including regular oil changes, including the 40k mile gearbox service. Price wise its pretty much on the money (Have a look at Auto Trader to compare, or use Audi's Used Car finder on their website...
  12. RAF_S7

    Audi S7

    I have a 2016 S7, owned from new and now at around 64k miles. (Tuned APR Stage 1 540BHP since early 2019) The 4.0T engine is pretty bullet proof, but it does have its niggles which can catch you out if you not aware. A documented service history is an absolute must, regular oil changes will...
  13. RAF_S7

    Wheel spacers and vcd functions questions

    Can’t help on the spacers, sorry. There is a VCDS Mods list for our cars here :hi:
  14. RAF_S7

    S6 tuning options

    Did you tackle the oil screen issue as part of the upgrade? The Chinese eBay turbos are almost too cheap! I figured the inclusion of the TT performance graphs was irrelevant lol. Any noticeable difference in improvement? I thought you had to go Stage 3 software, as well as additional cooling...
  15. RAF_S7

    A7 2012 Yaw Sensor issue/location?

    Interesting…. I think I read somewhere, that the brake assist program has a link to navigation, so that it is aware of the road your travelling on, including bends etc, so it forward thinks brake assist if it senses your travelling too fast… if you have Auto lights (maybe just matrix, not sure)...
  16. RAF_S7

    Part number wanted please

    Not sure what part you will need, but this should help, if you scroll down there are a few options….
  17. RAF_S7

    Need these firmwares

    The software upgrade for the C7.5 platform is available to those running the MIB2 MMI Platform. This is the one with the 2 x USB ports under the armrest. There is an official Audi Dealer upgrade available, for some 2017-18 models, but Audi wont install it to earlier years as its not officially...
  18. RAF_S7

    S6 tuning options

    I noticed some Chinese turbos on eBay the other week, did you go that route or find some used OEM examples? What software are you running? I'm already Stage 1 (APR) on my S7, but considering taking it further :racer:
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    A6 Avant update of software - CarPlay MHI2

    Audi will upgrade to the smartphone version of the MIB software, but only for a very small range of cars. Its quite expensive, so give your dealer a call and see if they can do it for you. You may need your VIN number. The alternative is to go via a 3rd party, which is what I did with my 1016...
  20. RAF_S7

    DiskLok Spare Key - Disklok not responding

    Then I would go talk to Halfords. They usually have a motoring support desk at the back of their stores.