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    DRL bulb replacement

    It's probably the starter module. The head lamp unit is prone to cracks and subsequently water ingress. This corrodes the module and causes faults. does the unit suffer from condensation?
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    3.0tdi 272 coolant warning.

    I had similar issues where the car was loosing coolant regularly. At first I feared it was the EGR cooler when in fact it was a cracked plastic pipe. The pipe is located on the far right hand side in the belly of the V.
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    Got Rainsport 3's. and before that Falken 453's. I'd the say the RS3's are overall better but the 453's are better in the dry.
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    Faulty Main Beam

    I recently changed mine, to Osram Night breakers and the main xenons are DS3. There is an access flap on the wheel arch liner. This gives access to the headlight back cover. If it turns out that the ballast has gone then you have to remove the complete unit because it's the bottom module. This...
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    Bi-xenon headlight problem

    Thanks for the response. I assume that the module underneath the headlights is J343 module and can J519 module be measured via VCDS or do I have to remove trim panels and whip out the multimeter?
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    Bi-xenon headlight problem

    I recently replaced the xenon bulb and a few days later condensation built up in the headlamp unit and the new bulb no longer illuminated. The day was hot so removed the fog light and let it air out and re-installed the xenon access panel. Now every time the headlights come on there are...
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    20" wheels ride quality

    20s are not that bad tbh. Ride is no worse than my previous s4
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    Short update: Bought a second hand antenna from a MY2017 car but had to respray the cover because the tiny screws on the faulty fin rounded off.
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    Serpentine Belt Has Come Off

    Short update: After the last instance I replaced the 3rd party belt with an OEM part and it has not come off since. Fluid leak/consumption seems to be in line with the recommendation so I assume the relief valve was the root cause for the fluid loss.
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    I do have an Avant and read your removal pointers on another thread. I had to remove it this afternoon to confirm the part number. The dealership were referemcing a part number that turned out to be different to the one on the antenna. Anyway, one is on order and should be here by the weekeend...
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    After faffing around removing the roof lining.....
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    Understood. I'll be visiting my local dealership in the coming days. Do you know if it's just a "simple" case of plug and play change? No re-routing of cables etc
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    Thanks for the response. What are the differences between the shark fin GPS antenna and the puck type GPS antenna?
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    Here is the scan results. The antenna fault code for the new puck antenna is the same as the one for the shark fin. The only difference is the shark fin triggers the ACC unavailable from the get go. The puck antenna takes longer. Chassis Type: 4G-AU57 (4G0) Scan: 01 02 03 05 08 09 10 13 15 16...
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    Thread resurrection. Mine has developed the same problem. I've swapped out the antenna for one of those puck types. Satnav works perfectly and it worked fine for the first day. Now it starts ot ping after approx 5-10 miles into a journey. In comparison, the shark fin antenna sets off the...
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    Serpentine Belt Has Come Off

    So I re-installed the belt on Friday and it has just come again with coolant all over the front RHS of the engine. Anyone have any ideas where and what is causing the fluid to be expelled? Could it be the thermostat sticking and the built up pressure being relieved? It seems that the fluid leak...
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    Serpentine Belt Has Come Off

    On the way home now an " alternator not charging" warning flashed up. A quick look under the bonnet revealed that the serpentine belt had come off and coolant was over the front off the engine. It has happened before about 6months ago. The belt just got put back on. Could it be due to a faulty...
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    Coolant leaking

    I noticed a pool of fluid on the garage floor that is coming from the rear of the engine on the passenger side. Is this where it would comefrom if the origin is the ERG Cooler?
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    Sweeping rear indicators

    If your car is an avant with LED lamps then it is fairly straight forward, new rear lights, module etc. If it is a salon thern it gets more expensive becasue more body parts need to be exchanged. I.e. bumper IIRC There are companies who offer this mod. The cost is circa £1400
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    Help to locate exhaust Temp Sensor

    What code are you getting?