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  1. sy119199

    Wanted Audi RS6 C7 wheel P/N 4G0601025CF

    Folks Looking to purchase a spare 21 Inch Summer Wheel Original Audi RS6 4G0601025CF for my 2015/2016 C7. Anyone got one going for sensible money? Thanks
  2. sy119199

    My RS6 from Belgium with Milltek | Air | Maxton

    Welcome Christoph. Lovely looking car and great photography. Puts my efforts to shame!
  3. sy119199

    Now what do i do..

    This is what mine looked like!
  4. sy119199

    Now what do i do..

    Might be worth the train ride! The owner is Michael and quite laid back and seems a nice guy and even took me round the workshop. He was doing full body restorations on 2, DB5s, a Bentley S1 and an E type when I went and the quality of the work was amazing. As I live so near he had a look at the...
  5. sy119199

    Now what do i do..

    Just outside of Bedford. Check out Lone Pine Garage nr Olney as they came recommended to me.
  6. sy119199

    Now what do i do..

    Hi I purchased my 2002, Imola S3 back at the end of October last year and purchased it from 1 of the online auction sites so it had a very thorough write up and 167 supporting photos which showed absolutely no rust "up top" but not mentioned and like you, the areas around the jacking points on...
  7. sy119199

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Here's mine purchased at the end of October.
  8. sy119199

    Hello Everyone Mark here with my 2003 Audi RS6

    Hey Mark. Welcome and nice to see a saloon for a change.
  9. sy119199

    Back in S3 number 4!

    Thanks Ian, very much appreciated. Will get ordering! Rgds Simon
  10. sy119199

    Back in S3 number 4!

    Can I ask what you used on the lenses as I've recently purchased similar and would like to brighten mine up. TIA Simon
  11. sy119199

    My C5 RS6 Daytona Avant

    Nice work Ron. Car's looking and sounding good.
  12. sy119199

    B8 RS4 - what’s it like as an everyday?

    I've had my B8.5 for over 3 years now. Had it Carbon cleaned and remapped by MRC when I first bought it as it was only making just over 400 bhp and have never got into the high 20s on mpg. Done 2 ski trips to France and doing a steady 80/85 mph it returned maybe 23 mpg with 4 up and all our ski...
  13. sy119199

    Audi Specialists (preferably mobile) Slough Area

    Yep, Fontain all day long
  14. sy119199


    Not sure you really need to replace all 4. I've had a RS6 for 7 years, the current RS4 for 3.5 years and a 1985 quattro for 5 years and I've only ever replaced both rears or both fronts but certainly never all 4 and no one has ever suggested I needed to.
  15. sy119199


    Realised that I hadn't shared the photo of my new seats with you. Was a guy on here who posted the red interior he'd done on his own A3. Think he got bumped off as perceived as advertising but really pleased with the quilting. His attention to detail was fantastic and the quality of the...
  16. sy119199


    Better late than never!
  17. sy119199

    The CAR WIZARD shares the top AUDI cars

    Yeah, supposedly an interior guy but for him "A3s are bottom of the barrel"!
  18. sy119199

    My C5 RS6 Daytona Avant

    Nice work. Amazing how that sign came out the RS.
  19. sy119199

    My C5 RS6 Daytona Avant

    Great write up and love what you've done. I had my C5 RS6 for 7 years and still miss it despite having a B8 RS4. Mine was a 2004 and the performance and technology it had at the time was fantastic but for me it was its sheer presence. Understated with being debadged and black optics but the...