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    Farewell, off to the dark side.

    The new one looks better in the flesh than in photos so thumbs up from me. I had a 2016 m-lite and loved it before moving ‘to the dark side’ of an S3 then latterly RS3. Love the colour and the tech, enjoy!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Very very shiny nardo (i think) with Jersey (?) plates crossing lanes to get into the right one for Truro city centre. I was the Ara Blue saloon that passed you on the middle lane - I was waving but realised that as you were a visitor you were probably concentrating on where you were going...
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    Audi UTR

    Another vote for the audi UTR from me too. Sure, I had problems with it first off, but that was me not taking advice from on here initially and buying the wrong SD card. It makes me laugh every day too - the nice German lady’s voice reminds me of that of the psychopath in Killing Eve ...
  4. Soup

    Saloon Noise on full lock?

    That sounds very similar to something I experience. I only get a brief, light knocking, it only happens when I reverse out of the drive and use full lock and only happens first thing in the morning (doesn’t happen again during the day in similar circumstances). I’d concluded it was something...
  5. Soup

    Saloon Key in Boot Safety Feature?

    Hoping there were no CCTV cams in the supermarket car park today. Imagine the picture ....... deposit shopping and handbag in boot, close boot, walk to car door, boot opens. Walk back to boot, close boot, walk back to car door, boot opens. Walk back to boot, close boot (more fiercely this...
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    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Totally agree! I kept being told about the sound but didn’t appreciate it until I was made to leave the drivers seat, stand on the side of the road and experience a ‘drive by’ [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audi UTR

    Best of luck! Another tip is when you change the password - stick to something with 10 letters / numbers - it really didn’t like 8! Will be interested to know how you get on using a new SD Card - I’m sticking with the 8gb for now [emoji85] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Audi UTR

    Update on my issue with the UTR. Got to the point of throwing it out of the window when the WiFi stopped working, the nice German lady stopped talking and the driving recording stopped. Spoke to the dealers, took it in, they tried everything I had and replaced it with a new one. Result! I now...
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    Facelift Bag Hook Under Parcel Shelf

    Couldn’t agree more with you - had them in my S3 - waste of space - looked so flimsy I daren’t use them! Bought the RS3 saloon to get a decent ‘curry hook’ back in my life [emoji6] Sorry, didn’t answer the question for you but at least you know you’re not alone ... Sent from my iPad using...
  10. Soup

    What do you drive as your "daily" car?

    The RS3 ‘Soupwagon’ is my daily commute but we use our Skoda Octavia Estate as the work horse for lugging boat stuff and general ‘mucky’ stuff around. Oh and I use it for longer trips I do for work.... It’s actually a surprisingly pokey car! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Which is why I’m happy with it - love performance cars but I don’t necessarily want to shout about owning one myself ..... [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Exactly why I like it ..... they would see black pipes disappearing into the distance too [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Am now into four weeks of ownership and lovin’ it! Promised I’d post a pic when I got a chance but today is the first time I’ve been able to spend some quality time on the polishing front so here she is. Good old Ara Blue - can’t beat it for looking nice in cloudy weather ..... Sent from my...
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    Google maps issues?

    Yep, happened for me today... glad it’s not just me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audi UTR

    Thanks Klaus - the date seems to have sorted itself out now so my time travelling ability has disappeared...... On the formatting side I followed the instructions in the manual so did all the shutting down procedures to remove / replace the card etc and have also done all that you’ve suggested...
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    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Hey, no good you spotting S3’s in Cornwall now I’ve moved on .... [emoji6][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Soup

    Facelift RS3 Saloon?

    Another positive for the saloon (aside all the other comments on here), having had rain today I’m happy to experience no dripping in the boot when opening the lid on a slightly sloping driveway - was the one irritation with the S3 Sportback for me.
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    Audi UTR

    We’ve had the Audi UTR fitted but have a couple of queries about it - hoping someone can give some advice please? First thing is the fact that the date and times on the videos don’t seem to be accurate? I’m getting the time correct but a day ahead! Perhaps I’m a time traveller and didn’t know...
  19. Soup

    Facelift Audi Dashcam - Anyone got one?

    I like a good idea (and a challenge - thinking to myself how the heck do I do that ..... :blush:) Success! Link below ..... hopefully .....
  20. Soup

    Facelift Audi Dashcam - Anyone got one?

    Ignore last, just found a good thread on the A4 Forum covering the Audi UTR :footy: