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  1. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    Thanks Sean. :icon thumright:
  2. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    Open to serious offers guys. :icon thumright:
  3. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    If there is any interest these could be up for sale. Perfect C7 Performance alloys with no curb or rim damage. Michelin sport 4 tyres with 5-6mm left on them. Been offered a set of the latest C8 RS6 alloys but would really like to sell these first to off set the cost, no idea what there worth so...
  4. RS3 S.

    Do you daily your S3?

    My RS6 is our only car so ''yes'' it's a daily drive. There meant to be driven so enjoy it!!!!!.
  5. RS3 S.

    Facelift Sat/Nav Virtual Cockpit Broken?

    Could be a software issue?. Trip to the dealer i think?.
  6. RS3 S.

    Q7 Q7 air suspension

    My RS6 is on air suspension & it drives/rides fine.
  7. RS3 S.

    New Tyres Recommendations

    Very good on my RS6 on 21inch tyres. They will need changing around the end of October. As for mileage cant give you an exact amount as they were on the car when i purchased it. I've done a round 9000 on them in my ownership & car has never been on a track so just general everyday motoring.
  8. RS3 S.

    New e 10 fuel.???

    I had to put Gulf 95Ron e10 in my RS6 yesterday to get back from the Scottish highlands, no super close by. Cat ran fine but has always had super in it since I've owned it. Did notice as a lot are saying seemed to use more than on the drive home but that's no bad thing as ill be filling up with...
  9. RS3 S.

    New Tyres Recommendations

    Michelin pilot sport 4 for me.
  10. RS3 S.


    Drove past it the other day. Nothing going on.
  11. RS3 S.

    RJW's RS4

    Thanks for the link. My RS has the rails & net & the anchor points just not the piece that moves into place to make the holding area bigger or smaller.
  12. RS3 S.

    RJW's RS4

    Very nice !!!!. Could do with some of those luggage rails for my RS6.
  13. RS3 S.

    A6 C7 2012. Map update

    DJAlix on here should be able to sort it. Had mine done by him & Sean the other Saturday ,latest 2021-2022 maps.
  14. RS3 S.

    Navigation Database Unavailable

    DJAlix on here is the man to contact & sort you out.
  15. RS3 S.

    S6 or not to S6..?

    I have the RS6 C7 performance on a 2016 plate & to be fair other than a service last year £327.00(due again in September) x2 M.O.T nothing required it's been fairly cost free. Insurance just done at £556.00 fully comp. Tyres will need to be changed in a couple of months & Michelin pilot sport 4...
  16. RS3 S.

    Start/Stop not working

    see post #4.
  17. RS3 S.

    Closed in the UK from 29th July to 6th September

    Thanks again to you & Sean for the remote work last Saturday. Perfect result as always.
  18. RS3 S.

    3 brown spots in Glacier paintwork.

    Did you get the car back yesterday Sean?.
  19. RS3 S.

    Start/Stop not working

    My RS6 C7 did the same. Main dealer for a software update, sorted mine.
  20. RS3 S.

    A.P.R 10% off the whole of August.

    As above 10% off if anyone fancies a remap?.