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  1. Robbe

    When to take winters off

    just wondering when people are going to take their winters off. Last few days the weather has been over 10 degrees and the forecast is for mild/warm weather over next few weeks. Sod’s law is that will put summer tyres on and we will get a cold snap again. What to do.....
  2. Robbe

    MY 19 configurator specs and images

    If you want to see what a MY19 A4 looks like, there are images and specs on the below configurator
  3. Robbe

    Driving in France

    I am off to France in August and trying to work out if the VC will change from MPH to KPH automatically or if I have to do it manually?
  4. Robbe

    Towbar Bike Racks

    My S4 has a factory fit towbar and am thinking of getting a bike rack to take 2-3 bikes on holiday this summer and have some questions. What would you recommend? does having a bike rack on the towbar affect my insurance? Do i need to tell them? any advice would be helpful.
  5. Robbe

    Snow foam replacement bottles

    Can you buy replacement or spare bottles for a snow foam lance. Have different product that need to be put on and be easier to have them in Somerset bottles. Any ideas?
  6. Robbe

    S4 Fuel - What are you using?

    Just wanted to know what people are using for the S4. I know the car can run or normal unleaded but is their any advantage of super? Currently using normal unleaded and might put super through every now and then.. but what are other people doing?
  7. Robbe

    Nanolex SI3D

    Hi, Is this any good? Thinking of getting my new S4 car ceramic coated when it arrives and this is what my local detailer uses.
  8. Robbe

    New S4 Order

    I thought i would start a new thread as I have just placed an order for a new S4 Avant arriving in November and think i got a very very good deal. Its replacing my rejected RS4 that I had for only 3 weeks. but more then happy with the S4 especially as got all the options i wanted for less then...
  9. Robbe

    B8 RS4 owner

    I am now a proud owner of an ibis white RS4. Bit of a change from a B8 diesel. My original plan was to get a B9 S4 but when I checked the price of RS4s they were in my budget. So after test driving one I fell in love and had to have one. Luckily I managed to find one with the spec I wanted...
  10. Robbe

    Dilemma - B9 S4 or B8 RS4

    Hi, I have a dilemma. I currently drive a b8 black edition avant diesel that is in its last year of the PCP. So am starting to think about what to get next. I am also starting a new job that drops my daily commute from 60 miles down to less then 3 miles. So am thinking of going petrol. With...
  11. Robbe

    Droning noise - wheel bearing??

    Need some advice. i have a 2014 black edition avant multitronic that has done 28,000 miles. yesterday i notice a droning noise coming from the front when on the motorway when we were on a long journey. Not the you can hear the noise when the car gets about 20mph and its a constant drone, almost...
  12. Robbe

    A4 avant or A6 avant

    have started to think about replacing our b8 a4 black edition avant for a few months. After playing a lot with the Audi configurator we had decided on a A6 black edition avant as we wanted the black styling pack, which has not been available on the b9, and the discounts are very good. Just had a...
  13. Robbe

    First service

    Hi, My a4 avant is coming up for its first service. It's done 18,000 and is 18 months old. I have been given a cost of £335 for the service. I presuming this is a major service. Does this seem ok? Thanks
  14. Robbe

    Car has been keyed!!!!

    Just found out that our car has been keyed... not impressed at all. especially as this is the 3rd car that has been keyed.... trying to work out if it can be buffed out by a professional or will it need re-painting. The mark is deep enough to leave a ridge if you run your nail over it. any...
  15. Robbe

    Cracked windscreen

    Had a text earlier from my wife saying that the windscreen has cracked. Was fine this morning, but when she returned to the car at the end of the day it was cracked. the car was in a car park parked nose into a Hedge. No damage to the car.Took the car to my local Audi garage to look at, their is...
  16. Robbe

    Changing black edition alloy colour

    I've had my black edition for just over 6 months and have managed to curb both front alloys whilst parking outside the house. Was thinking that if i get them repaired i might change the colour / look to the below. should look nice with Daytona Grey. What do people think? Also how much would it...
  17. Robbe

    A4 black edition avant tyre wear

    hi, I have a 2014 black edition avant tdi 150 that's done 7,000 miles and the front tyres are already done to 4mm and the tears are 7mm. I drive mostly back roads and occasionally the motorway and won't say I was an aggressive with the Car. I have checked the tyre pressure and running 35 front...
  18. Robbe

    New a4 avant

    Hi, just picked up new a4 avant black edition.