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  1. rcnacura

    Help: Oil temperature not showing??

    I somehow have lost my oil temperature in the DIS. When I look into my obd11 I have the option selected in long coding and I believe the adaptations buy it refuses to show. Did the app one click options in obd11 too, no change. Background, my phone completely died that had all my previous...
  2. rcnacura

    4 pin vs 3 pin exhaust flap question - can I wire up the same?

    I have the 4 pin rs3 exhaust flap actuator. All the wiring diagrams I see for a3/s3 and 2017+ rs3 have the 3 pin. Does anyone know the difference? 4pin PN: 8S0-133-246-B 3pin PN: 4H0-133-246-J My car accepts the 3pin that I'm aware of but don't have the other actuators for it to just hook up...
  3. rcnacura

    For Sale SOLD! OEM AWD fuel pump assembly

    I have an extra used OEM fuel pump assembly that I don't need. Doesn't come with float. Green top for all AWD MQB vehicles. Part number: 5Q0 919 087 R $128 shipped in the states Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. rcnacura

    For Sale Ea888.3 MQB head gasket

    I have two and only need one. $60 shipped. OEM elring Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. rcnacura

    Facelift Misfire #4 cylinder on 6k+ rpm

    I've been chasing this problem for awhile and noticed that some other people are also having exact issue, however we have no solution to get it to stop. Hoping to get some feedback/help if anyone is familiar... Background: 1) Fully built 83mm piston 2.0T Quattro engine (I'm in the states) 2)...
  6. rcnacura

    For Sale Ea888.3 short block engine

    Have my old engine that I want to get rid of for space. It has a spun bearing on cylinder #3, but I have purchased a used crank for it with no damage like the original. The cylinder walls and deck have been inspected by local shop and no damage, just spun bearing. Comes with block, balance...
  7. rcnacura

    Reduced oil pressure warning only when engine hot??

    So I've recently been getting reduced oil pressure warning (brown plug near oil filter) on my newly-ish built 83mm piston engine with roughly 7k miles. Really started happening after I changed from 0w40 to now 10w40. This ideally should not make a difference. Also happens when the car is at...
  8. rcnacura

    Building an EA888.3 engine. Tips?

    I'm assembling a new motor and my first time with vag engines. Anything that I should look out for and or that might be difficult? I have the manual, just wanted to get some info from anyone that has built an engine. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. rcnacura

    Proper way of burping the coolant system?

    So I went and did a track day and my water temps went into the red alot. Car then did the warning to let the car idle. So if back of the throttle and then the temps would eventually go back to "normal", but as soon as I did some wot passes out will come up again. I opened the coolant reservoir...
  10. rcnacura

    Aftermarket seats and dealing with airbags...

    Anyone done seat swaps? How did you work out the airbag light? I believe it's a 2.3ohm resistor, but also seen I could disable via obd11/vcd. Lastly I'm trying to figure out how to port over the occupancy sensor or seat warmers, if anyone has any tips, greatly appreciated. Sent from my Pixel 2...
  11. rcnacura

    Is speed limiter adjustable via vcd?

    Currently I'm stuck @ 130mph, however would love to get the limit increased to 155mph for the track. Is there anyway to do this or is this only a dealer situation? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  12. rcnacura

    JB4 used as a USB OBD device?

    Hello All! I've been trying to figure out a way to get two devices to talk to the OBD port, which is technically impossible the way it works. JB4 is currently hooked up permanently to the car so I've been trying to figure if there is a way to use a spare OBD device to get data directly from the...
  13. rcnacura

    Anyone with the CTS Turbo Inlet pipe have any WHP gains to share?

    Was thinking about getting this instead of a full intake. Not really convinced a $500 intake, that nets about 10hp is worth the time/energy/justification. I've read someone where there was a 6-7whp gain... which is more in line of bang for the buck for me. Many have also stated that they felt...
  14. rcnacura

    So just add the IS38 and call it a day?

    So I keep looking at upgrading the turbo - because I can't stop messing/upgrading the car. Currently have the US Spec A3 2.0T Quattro IS20, but keep eyeing the IS38, but I can't really find much information confirming. Every place that sells it says its just a full bolt-on upgrade. However then...
  15. rcnacura

    Have AWE touring exhaust, is it over 90db?

    Heading to the track on Friday (Laguna Seca) and have AWE touring exhaust along with downpipe, but do you think its over 90db? From inside the car I did a few WOT runs with the windows down and I could only get to about 72db, but outside the car is a whole different story. Just hoping its not...
  16. rcnacura

    Changed XDS & starting vibration vcd settings, significantly less gas mileage. For those that were interested in this. Preface, I did change my rims to 20inch also, but filled up my tank today and usually get about 24mpg per fill up. This fill up I got 17mpg for this tank with 80% sport ads city driving. I log all my...
  17. rcnacura

    Let's talk Canbus to control Android/Apple devices.

    So for about a year I've been trying to figure out the A3's canbus signals for the mmi system. What I'm trying to tap into is all the steering wheel controls along with the center console forward/back volume button. I'm using a joyconEXc, however have been stuck on trying to figure anything...
  18. rcnacura

    Anyone have feedback on Forge BBK?

    Was looking at the 6pot kit, want away they had any option for the 8V. Price is very attractive, however have not seen any feedback/reviews of them. Anyone. Sent from my SM-N910V using...
  19. rcnacura

    Does anyone know which pins the door handle lighting uses?

    Want to add some lighting and was trying to research the pins used for the door handle and the b&o speaker surround lighting. Thank you in advance.
  20. rcnacura

    What other OEM Audi seats fit our 8V?

    So I have the slippery leather standard seats. I'm fairly tall 6'2 and thought the car I bought had the sport seats... long story short, it had nothing - live and learn. Well I wanted to get the sport seats mainly for the thigh support since my legs start to ache/cramp on long drives since the...