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  1. SiPie

    4 years of driving

    Good effort sir, 23.1mpg in the RS4 over the last 2000 miles
  2. SiPie

    End of Warranty Check - common warranty claims

    Yup, thermostat housing issues. Close eye on temp and signs of fans remaining on but other than that I’m not sure how to identify.
  3. SiPie

    6Y2 speed limiter on RS4

    See what you mean now, thanks
  4. SiPie

    6Y2 speed limiter on RS4

    Sorry I can’t be of any help I’m afraid. I. am curious though as to why it could influence your choice of new vs used if it is ‘irrelevant’ to you?
  5. SiPie


    Me again …..
  6. SiPie

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Mostly EZ products but close to 4 hours work today
  7. SiPie

    B&O poor in B9 RS4 compared to old B9 S4 !!

    Sorry for being so vague here. I’m no audiophile but I know the RS4 isn’t sounding a patch on my old S4 (same stereo). Exhausted all settings and just sounds ‘a bit nasty and hard edged….over trebled with a front bias sound to it, no matter what settings I choose ’ and seems to be missing the...
  8. SiPie

    B9 S4 Replaces 8V S3

    Daytona and Carbon atlas, great combination. Red leather not for me, but hey … you don’t see it when you are driving :redface:
  9. SiPie

    Keef's Daytona Grey B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Think B9 S4 (petrol) values will stay higher for a while due to the S4 replacement being diesel. Many seeing this as their last shot to own a good petrol Audi
  10. SiPie

    False Alarm Activation

    Ended up being around £30k for me to change for the right spec sadly…. ….. still worth it :)
  11. SiPie

    Does the (B9) S4 come with folding mirrors as standard?

    I don’t have the boomerang one, it’s a 20019 B9 with the good old fashioned MMI dial and the circular rev counter that goes green, amber then red when switched into manual…. I do like that bit lots to be fair :icon thumright:
  12. SiPie

    Does the (B9) S4 come with folding mirrors as standard?

    My old Jan 2018 S4 didn’t have folding mirrors or virtual cockpit. However, now that I’ve got the virtual cockpit in my RS4, I possibly preferred the older dials. Bit of a traditionalist I guess !
  13. SiPie

    False Alarm Activation

    Hopefully you’ve got it fixed now, fingers crossed. The 2 years that I had my B9 S4 for weren’t straightforward either. False alarm activations initially, then thermostat housing failure one week into lockdown (incredibly common on the B9 S4). Then followed a gearbox selector issue caused by a...
  14. SiPie

    False Alarm Activation

    I had exactly the same issue and it was fixed in the same way that Dave mentioned above.
  15. SiPie

    RS4 Mats

    At £165 for floor mats, I’d rather stick on some fuzzy felt letters spelling out ‘RS’ :end of discction:
  16. SiPie

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Mrs SiPie added a Q2 yesterday which needed bringing up to scratch today. White car family !
  17. SiPie

    Found Audi A5 rotors

    Keir Afraid only 18s but I have a perfect set of refurbished rotors (not OEM) that I bought specifically for the S4 for winters, had them refurbished in plain silver, then promptly bought my RS4. Anyway, perfect wheels if interested and come with Nokian winters with around 7.7mm all round. Will...
  18. SiPie

    For Sale K&N E-0646 Air filter (B9S4/B9RS4 & others)

    Purchased may 2020. Approx 2000 miles use in B9 S4, then B9 RS4. Currently sold out at K&N, Amazon & eBay listings are selling for £117 !! £55 including UK mainland postage or £50 collection from Edinburgh / Scottish Borders. Thanks Simon
  19. SiPie

    For Sale Audi RS4/5 Winter Wheels and Tyres

    4th wheel arrived yesterday. This really is a total bargain… GLWS