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    lock set and ecu pre vs post facelift

    My ex's keys have been stolen with her handbag. Can only see a matching 1600 a4 lock set, key reader, key and engine ecu on ebay for a post facelift 2001 b5. Would all this be plug and play on a pre face lift early 98 a4?
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    sorry to be a pest.

    as theres not much action in the rs6 section of the forum and some clever knowledgeable people elsewhere..... spent 3 hours today at work trying to work out why an rs6 wouldnt start..... i know when to ask for help lol!!
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    rs6 non-start

    got an old twin turbo rs6 avant in at work "bcy" engine. cars been stood a few weeks, was running fine before hand. it had a flat battery but wouldnt start on jumping it. engine cranks but wont fire. four fault codes. three fault codes to do with the throttle body, p1545, p1558 and p1579. and...
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    '97 ahl 1.6 cam sensor

    not had this a4 long when it started intermittently being down on power lower in the revs. i fault code read it when i first got the car (seemed to be running fine) and it had a cam hall sensor fault in it but it cleared and i thought no more about it. now its down on power below 3krpm. you can...
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    steering wheel?

    will one of these eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace go straight in my '97 1.6 with no mods required?
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    how far....

    ..... can you drive once the dis says youve got "0" miles left? driven home from work the 4 miles with it on "0". just wondering if anyone had ever tested it? got a '97 1.6 se.
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    murrans '97 1.6se

    thought id start a thread for some reason. bought this from some really nice people this afternoon. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace seems a really nice looked after car, loving the colour! its got full history, 12 stamps in the book! cambelt was changed 3 years ago @67k. its done 88k now...
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    been offered this for 750?

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace been looking for a decent cheap a4 tdi so i can take our disco off the road for a mass welding session it needs. been emailing him last few days off and on. turns highest bidder was a plank apparently. might be picking it up on sunday if i can get a lift...
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    anyone else watching it today?
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    garage mystery shopper?

    think we got mystery shopped at work today. had a 57 plate a6 allroad in, not seen the guy or the car before. problems were; mmi wasnt working. navigation unit. suspension light on. non of them were communicating or even able to access diagnostically. handbrake light was on. "left caliper open...
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    a8 electric steering column.

    thought id post up a fault i had today on a '56 lwb a8 v8 tdi. electric column for and aft/up and down wouldnt work. bearing in mind.... GILDERS HAD TOLD THE GUY IT NEEDED A NEW STEERING COLUMN ECU AND COLUMN ADJUSTMENT SWITCH PLUS CODING IN £££££££££££............... my findings...
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    any meatloaf fans on here? first heard bat out of hell when i was 8, first song i actually took notice of. been a fan ever since.
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    46k 08 passat dpf and g450

    had a new shape passat cc in at work with the dpf light on, eng. man. light and glow plug light flashing. anyway it had a throttle body fault aswell as p242f dpf overloaded. changed the throttle body but the vas said the dpf was past regeneration. so we replaced the dpf and reset the adaptions...
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    bxe engine ****?

    anyone had the minor inconveinience of no.2 conrod letting go? as you might or might not know i work in a vag specialist in sheffield. had a 57 plate a3 come in at the beginning of the week... hole in the side of the block from no.2 conrod letting go.... i removed the engine/box on wednesday...
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    fault on a customers 3.2 q at work.

    really doing my head in this is. 06 plate a3 3.2q manual, bub engine. 40oddk on it. seems to drive fine but these faults keep coming up. cant remember the actual codes but. 4wd electronics... haldex clutch mechanical fault. abs fault... n/s/r (lr) abs senor signal implausible n/s/r (lr) abs...
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    classic audi section?

    dont you think this part of the forum gets ignored? i mean is peoples knowledge of older audis so limited that one guys question about cutting the cat out of his old audi 80 and whether he can fit a4 front seats in without mods isnt answered for 2 weeks...
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    100/a6 2.8q

    going to look at this tomorrow..... hopefully. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace with a view to getting it back on the road. might need a vic check if it has been registered as scrap. but looking at this on the dvla check..... Date of Liability 01 04 2012 Date...
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    manifold flaps

    new rs4's... anyone had any problems with the variable inlet manifold tract flaps? had an '07 plate rs4 in at work the flaps weren't working properly on the n/s bank. had to have a new inlet manifold costing well over a grand! only 40000 miles on it.
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    porsche cayenne techs on here?

    anyone any experience of these 06 plate 4.5 v8 things with a seized engine? vehicle wouldnt start, but would crank over, everything else electrically working. our boss went out to customers house (with diagnostic kit) to look at it. it would crank over just fine at this point, he said it was...
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    whats an audi a6 worth......

    with 359000 miles on it? its a '99 1.9tdi (afn 110) in that light metallic green, its not tatty and been very well serviced etc (its on its second service book!). what do you think?