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  1. golf

    S3 Headlights not working

    Mine had the same problem with the OEM bulbs. It was because of the cold air temperature apparently, as it only happened in Winter.
  2. golf

    Water pump gone?

    Definitely sounds like the water pump impellers have gone to ****, and as a result can't distribute water properly. Overheating problems are very rarely because of a broken thermostat, normally the opposite is true.
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    chrome galore........

    It's like ALPINE never left... But in all seriousness, even the local chavs would think your 'additions' look tacky and out of place. The S3's looks are one of its strong points; I wouldn't mess with them too much because it'll just end up looking a dogs dinner. I can see that you're trying to...
  4. golf

    Decent S3 virtually impossible to find...

    FFS, do you expect a car in Concours condition for £5k? Save up an extra few grand and get yourself a decent one, rather than scraping the barrel for the dirt cheap ones owned by yardies from Lewisham.
  5. golf

    A3 Headlight Alignment

    HID's in a halogen headlight is just plain wrong.
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    Car conked out this morning

    Sounds like my diagnosis was correct
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    Hit a wall, what now?

    In terms of driver appeal and under £10k: BMW M3 >>> Honda S2000 >>> Reliant Robin >>> An untowed caravan >>> Audi S3 8L. The S3 is a great little car, but it certainly is very dull to drive. I think it's mainly the pissy little engine which is just so devoid of character.
  8. golf

    sub frame

    The subframe needs to be from a TT 225 or a Golf R32 ideally. I'm not sure if the Golf V6 one will fit.
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    Car conked out this morning

    Sounds like the crankshaft sensor could be playing up, but it's not showing on Vag-COM so I'd seek proper assistance.
  10. golf

    Considering new wheels....

    Tremendously tacky in chrome, and the detail would be lost in matte black. As boring as it sounds the RSTT's still look excellent on the S3.
  11. golf

    D2S HID Bulbs, what do you have?

    5000k is the way to go. Any higher and you're sacrificing functionality for looks. 4200k provides the most lumens (usable light) i.e light that hits the road, and this is why all manufacturers use these as standard.
  12. golf

    headlight adjustment?

    If you just want to pass the MOT, disconnect the motors from behind the headlights and use an allen key to adjust the beam height. A few turns will raise them considerably, any more and they'll just be pointing to the sky.
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    Porsche GT3 Alloys

    Can I have it back please Dave? :sorry:
  14. golf

    Economy - shockingly bad.

    Compared to the RX-8 the S3 is a diesel. I was well happy with 20mpg I was getting in mine in comparison to the 14mpg at the moment. £30 of fuel gets me about 80 miles.
  15. golf

    Fun with a 130i

    I won't even dignify that with a response. Anything bad I've said about you before Graeme, I take it all back. A friend of mine died at the age of 20 because his mate was driving like a twat and racing people until he lost control at 90mph. My mate was decapitated by a tree and died instantly...
  16. golf

    Fun with a 130i

    Tim, with all due respect, I think you're perhaps a little bit too old for these types of shennanigans now. Most people grow out of drag racing everyone they think they have half a chance against by the age of 21 I'd have thought. But here we are again, with yet another thread from you about...
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    going to look at this today!! :)

    If you buy a LCR, does that mean we'll be seeing a lot less of you? :happy:
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    8L S3 v 8P S3

    Must have been a **** driver, the 8P is miles faster than a standard S3 and comfortably quicker than a bog standard remapped one.
  19. golf

    Well This Is The S3 Replacement

    You boys complaining about 280 miles from a tank, try 190 miles I get from £65! This has spurred me on to start saving a little bit extra and get an 8P S3 a bit sooner than I first planned though.
  20. golf

    Opinion on value of my S3

    In my opinion you'd be lucky to see £5k. CAT D's are undesirable enough, but I'd say 90% of potential buyers won't even consider a CAT C and will not bother irregardless of condition or mileage. Put it this way, I sold my 2001 Nogaro blue facelift with Bose, arm rest, heated seats, chrome...