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    Facelift aftermarket DP question

    Doc, did you have a decat downpipe? He isn't on about the exhaust valve rattle, he is on about the wastegate rattle that only really comes into its own when you're running a decatted downpipe. Boj27, I would say if you're in your 30's and getting older then it will annoy you. It annoys the...
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    RS3 bouncing REV and not shifting WOT

    Short shifting is normal depending on traction available. This time of year with cold tyres and damp tarmac, completely normal. However, it should auto upshift before limiter and it's clearly not. I would take it back into Audi, may just need a clutch relearn or the trans software...
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    Facelift Sports exhaust - is it worth it?

    S3 2.0T cannot be compared, it sounds poor and highly strung, doesn't have the meat. Even if handed back to Audi, they will likely give you a higher trade in value than a car without. Sports exhaust and SS seats are about the only 2 options on the car that are must haves as the majority of...
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    Facelift Sports exhaust - is it worth it?

    High up on the list of most owners priorities will be brand, performance, reliability, comfort and sound. Most people who buy an RS model will have sound as a very high priority especially on the sweet sounding 2.5t engined cars. Sports exhaust cars are more sought after also so will be easier...
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    Anyone selling/ handing back their rs3 that’s on hire purchase ?

    I see the gap that you're trying to exploit but as someone said above, the majority of owners will trade their cars in against another car using any equity as a deposit. Audi RS's, especially the 3's hold their values well so the difference between what they're owe Audi and what the car's worth...
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    Facelift RS3 vs TTRS

    Yes, I know....
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    Facelift RS3 vs TTRS

    Frustrating video, he almost seems clueless about the cars. TTRS will always be naturally quicker given its weight and aero advantage yet he's pretending he doesn't know which way it's going to go. No mention of the new cars with OPF that appear to be strangling performance too. (Certainly on...
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    RS3 PCP Deals

    FFS, are you still rabbiting on about Brexit on a car forum? I swear if I went back through your posts, the majority of them would have Brexit in them. No, the best plan would not be to revoke Article 50 (So you could theoretically get a cheaper car). We voted to leave, and leave we must do...
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    MRC stage 1 and IE carbon intake

    No point doing anything on this engine without a FMIC first. Priority should be 1) FMIC, 2) DP, 3) Intake and elbow. Stage 1 shouldn't need a TCU tune. APR dont have a TCU tune even on their E85 Stage 2 file producing 100hp more than a Stage 1 MRC 99 map. You have no warranty as soon as you go...
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    Audi RS3 revo stage 1 problem

    What gear are you in when doing that? You'll be riding peak torque right about there. If you are in a high gear you will be putting unnecessary strain on the clutches. There's a difference doing that in 2nd/3rd gear as opposed to 5th/6th gear. Far more strain on the clutches doing that in a...
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    Litchfield Tuning

    No, go with a reputable VAG specialist tuner not a Jap one. VAG ECU’s are on a completely different stratosphere. Would you take your R35 GTR to revo? Will say no more.
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    Awesome GTi TTrs

    1000hp and it's nowhere near 186, it was 8.85 @ 158mph. This awesomeGTI car has 730hp with a hybrid turbo and everything stock (Engine/Gearbox). The Iroz cars are fully built and running big turbos. 9.50 @ 149 is flying.
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    Facelift Rough Idle; Misfire?

    When did you have the exhaust mod carried out? I haven't looked at what that involves but suspect it removes baffles/sound deadening to heighten the exhaust note? The upshot of this is that in addition to the more fruitful exhaust note you'll hear more noises and "issues" too. Cold start, your...
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    Facelift Rough Idle; Misfire?

    For 99.9% of other users on this forum the reply would have been a little more tactile ;) There's a pattern and theme with Audinutta's posts though. Comes across as never being content and always complaining, I'm not actually sure why he drives an Audi RS to be fair. Anyway, Audinutta, don't...
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    Facelift Rough Idle; Misfire?

    James has it above. AudiNutta, you come across like an owner of a car that will never be happy. I see this going on for the rest of your life with all future car purchases. You appear to find the littlest of things and then waste a huge amount of everyone's time trying to rectify them. How...
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    RS3 Orders (week 10/11)

    Some people will buy these cars to track and race down the 1/4m, get performance metrics from etc. Not everyone buys a car to tootle to Tesco and back at 3000rpm. When you buy a performance car, you buy it for its performance otherwise you would opt for a 1.6 TDI base model version. If you're...
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    RS3 Order Book now open

    Dealer configurator here...
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    Facelift Forge Turbo Inlet Elbow

    APR quote +10hp from 99-102 and +21hp from 99-104 NF race at full concentration should be somewhere around 103-104. It's really shi**y stuff though and will foul plugs, injectors, fuel pump etc if used too frequently. It has a...
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    Facelift Forge Turbo Inlet Elbow

    Yes Doc, works fine doing that. Although, I still catch it out now and again where it doesn't quieten. They've released a further map update that corrects it fully (apparently) 99-104 will be around 15-20hp according to APR's dyno charts.
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    Facelift Forge Turbo Inlet Elbow

    That's on 99 + NF race so around 104 octane. Good strong figures though.