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  1. Mark1984

    2011 a3 s line smoke query

    Hi there, I’ve got a 2011 a3 s line tdi and I noticed today that just before the turbo is about to kick in there’s a small touch of smoke coming from the exhaust for a second then stops. Doesn’t happen all the time but I noticed it a few times pulling out at junctions as soon as I was in 2nd...
  2. Mark1984

    2011 A3 2.0 Tdi s line

    Does anyone happen to know if the 2011 2.0 tdi s line has a timing chain or belt?
  3. Mark1984


    Hi folks. I’ve recently bought an A3 s line & it’s the 1st diesel I’ve had. I’m looking for a wee bit of advice on which fuel treatment is best to clean the injectors & dpf?