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    Engine temp gauge dropping- 2010 2lt TDI

    Hi all, Just had my engine thermostat replaced via main dealer as my engine temp gauge on the dash was dropping whilst stationary, very slow moving traffic etc along with a ERG valve? following the car being put through the dealers diagnostic device. The fault (engine gauge) after three days...
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    Tyres - What brand and why you like them?

    hi, running pirelli p zero rosso 255/35/19XL all round, good grip,good in th wet but wear quite fast. tried Michelin pilots on the front, but wear rate was the same.
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    A6 2.0 (2010) TDI Le Mans - Acceleration Issues

    7 months ago at last service
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    A6 2.0 (2010) TDI Le Mans - Acceleration Issues

    Afternoon all, I have been experiencing intermittent issues when trying to accelerate over the last month or so. The revs seem to be "hunting" whilst under acceleration, more so when accelerating in 4/5/6, ( trying to overtake / foot down etc) but it does happen lower down the rev range as well...
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    intermittent loss of power 2010 A6 TDI Le mans

    hi all, At times whilst accelerating, I have noticed that I loose power for a short period (engine rev's drop) but then power picks up again. It can happen if I put my foot down hard in 3,4,5,6th gear and also if I accelerate whilst pulling out to overtake etc. Does not seem to effect the car...
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    Le Mans badge

    Hi, Try ebay, or if your lucky, a dealer may have one, not cheap though.
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    Seat fixings - A6 2010 s line

    Hi, Anybody out there know when i can get hold of the spring type seat fixings that secure the rear seat backs need 6. Thanks, Taff68
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    A6 Le Mans 2.0 Tdi Tyres & Re Map

    hi, any recommendations for tyres, currently running Pirelli Zeros 255/35/19 on front and Dunlops on rear, these where on the car when purchased? Drive on both A & b roads covering varying distance's. Is it worth tuning / re mapping engine at all ? currently & 47K miles (garages in Yorkshire...
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    Replacement Discs

    Hi, Any advice on replacing pads and discs (F&R) on a 10 plate A6 2L TDI s-line le mans? would anyone recommend genuine audi OEM's or aftermarket items. Mixed driving, motorways, fast a roads etc? Anyone recommended good honest garage to carryout work on Audi's' in York area? Cheers
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    Audi A6 Le Mans Badge

    hi all, been trying to buy a le mans badge for my a6 le mans (genuine) why are they so expensive on ebay, bobbing rastards. No dealers seem to have them.
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    Oh la, A6 le mans, any advise on skitish handling, bought approx two months ago with a mish mash of tyres, pierelli's 19's up front with dunlop rears, seems to track over road on uneven surfaces? also any advice on tyre presuures? fully loaded or just with two up front?
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    Engine Idling / tick over Problem

    Hi, Every now and again whilst sitting in traffic, the engine in my A6 2L TDI, 2010 s-line 170bhp, seems to jump between the low idle setting, approx.900rpm and then up to 1000 rpm and then settle down again back to 900rpm? Only happens occasionally? Is it just a case of asking garage to adjust...
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    SD Cards & CD Track Names

    Is there Anybody out there who can confirm which type of SD card I can use in the system installed in my A6 2010 s-line le mans. Think its the low MMI version, with twin SD card slots on DVD player. Manual states in can use SDHC cards up too 32gb, but Have read various information of different...
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    A6 2010 Seating Again !!!!

    The leather is marked and scratched quite badly, looking to get them re covered
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    A6 2010 Seating Again !!!!

    Anybody know if this is the same method to remove front seat backs on 2010 A6 S-Line Le-mans. Have kindly been sent some info by another member, but cannot work out if it is the same process. Link below shows method for an A4 2008. Anyone know how to remove the front seat back plastic covers...
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    Seating Advice

    any advice on how to remove the rear seat cover / cards?
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    General deatailing advice

    Has any one used "chips away" etc or someone similar again in York / Leeds area, just noticed a few scuffs etc that could do with addressing, hopefully they will just polish out! Any independent services to carry out same if possible. Also best way to clean / restore leather seats and general...
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    Seating Advice

    any advice on how to remove the rear seat cover / cards?
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    Seating Advice

    Hi, Posted a thread a while ago re damaged seats. Does any know how to remove the rear covers / backs from the front seats of 2010 A6. Looking to get them recovered as they a quite badly scratched / ripped. Or any links showing how to remove them? Also any decent independent Audi specialists in...