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  1. dannyh

    Does anyone recommend the DTUK tuning box for B8S4?

    Quick question… Does anyone recommend the DTUK tuning box for B8S4?
  2. dannyh

    Press Clutch to start… time for a new clutch.. clutch advice please

    It may still be the switch in the clutch master cylinder but it was tested as working, im not sure how the clutch itself would stop the car from starting unless there is a switch in there also? My mechanic has still recommend a new master cylinder although I don’t think it is that but I’ll get...
  3. dannyh

    Press Clutch to start… time for a new clutch.. clutch advice please

    i push the clutch until it stops moving, push the key and it doesnt do anythig to start the car just turns the ignition off again, if i then pust the pedal to the poit it feels like its bending then press the key it starts.
  4. dannyh

    Press Clutch to start… time for a new clutch.. clutch advice please

    I have a B8 S4 6speed Manual I basically have to push the clutch past its normal rage of travel to start the car, this could be either the clutch switch or the clutch itself… unfortunately I think mine is the clutch
  5. dannyh

    Press Clutch to start… time for a new clutch.. clutch advice please

    SO I’ve got the dreaded warning message “Press clutch to start”, so now the car will only start with a very firm press of the clutch. Other than that the car drives and feels fine, no clutch slip or difficult gear changes. I was wishfully hoping it was just a faulty switch on the master...
  6. dannyh

    2009 manual S4 starting issue?

    Hi Guys i have this same problem , the car wont start unless I stomp the clutch right to the ground. if you have had this issue can you please post the fix you ended up with. Thank you
  7. dannyh

    S4 Exhaust drone

    Cheers Chop Its the custom place ive been talking too. they quoted at least £400 if the down pipes unbolt easy and said if they are a pain then it will be more..
  8. dannyh

    S4 Exhaust drone

    When I spoke to the garage which does Longlife exhaust systems they said that they didn't think changing the Xpipe would do much as this is good for the car to help balance the banks. The suggested the silencer near the front. I guess there is only one way to find out although its an expansive...
  9. dannyh

    S4 Exhaust drone

    Hi guys and girls, I am wondering if anyone has any experience or can share there exhaust set up. I have a B8S4 and it has a custom exhaust from the cat back, right from the front all the way to the back, it has an x pipe in the middle but no silencers just two small back boxes. The car sounds...
  10. dannyh


    I'm sure I spotted a Red S4 in Ashton-Under-Lyne yesterday, I was in my Black S4 and didn't notice until the last second. Anyone on here?
  11. dannyh

    S4 Brakes squealing

    Hi Guys The fronts are running low on my b8 S4 so I'm interested in peoples set up. Is this what most people are running, red stuff and normal disks and is this a reasonable price or do you know some ware...
  12. dannyh

    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    Has anyone claimed for the bubbling on the boot grab handle?
  13. dannyh

    'Fecks Nogaro S3'

    Thanks mate Ive just updated my thread. When I bought it the only issue was the front bumper had suffered from stone chips. im now getting it resprayed along with bonnet and wings then a couple of other marks. then hopefully get the wheels refurdished in the not too distant future and it should...
  14. dannyh

    Dannyh's 2002 Nogaro Blue S3

    Just an update. Im treating the S3 to freshen up. I'm getting a full front end respray and also some other marks sprayed (A mark on the rear bumper, one under the rear light and the boot grab handle with the classic rust bubble). Is it possible for the Ally Grab handle to be repaired and...
  15. dannyh

    'Fecks Nogaro S3'

    Good progress mate I personally wouldn't bother with the Cupra R splitter and would just keep it Standard it looks better that way IMO my car S3 is on springs 30mm front and 25 rear I think, drives really nice, not harsh and also looks nicer. If I was you I would get springs over coilovers
  16. dannyh

    Northwest Spray Garage

    Hi guys, I'm after getting the front bumper and Bonet on my nogaro blue S3 painted. Just wondering if anyone can recommend and place in the northwest, and also if anyone can estimate a price I should be looking to pay, I don't want to get it done and have a bad finish so in the paint industry...
  17. dannyh

    Heated Factory Recaro's

    Will it be under the fabric, there is limited visa polity under the seat, will it be next to the existing cable? I have the blue Alcantara seats does anyone have these heated
  18. dannyh

    Heated Factory Recaro's

    So the plug for heated seats hidden under the metal casing on the floor?
  19. dannyh

    Switchable maps

    I had APR switchable by awesome on my leon, never actually swapped them though lol
  20. dannyh

    My kingfisher blue S3

    Nice that pal, diddnt realise they did kingfisher for the S3