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  1. devonmikeyboy

    Euro Car Parts have 20% off everything.

    Euro Car Parts have 20% off everything if you use promotion code BOX20 until 9th January. Buy now if you can before VAT increase to 20% on January 1st 2011.
  2. devonmikeyboy

    Product options

    Just placed an advert for some S3 rear brake discs. I want to change the advert as the pictures didn`t work as usual but the product options tab doesn`t seem to be working.
  3. devonmikeyboy

    VOSA Audi A3 DMF vechicle ID recall numbers.

    Something i found that might help all those people who`s DMF fail and Audi refuse to pay to replace for free. The following link gives official recall vehicle ID numbers from the VOSA. If your car`s ID is listed Audi will have to replace the DMF for free as it should have been recalled. It might...
  4. devonmikeyboy

    PM system not working now.

    Is it just me or has everyones else PM system died on ASN. I have tried several times this morning with no sucess. Why is the time at the bottom of the screen wrong as well on the forum? Message The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.
  5. devonmikeyboy

    Why can I not post pictures up on the classified section ?

    I go on lots of different forums but for some reason cannot upload pictures from my computer onto some stuff i am trying to sale in the classified ads section? Either i get a "026.JPG: Uploaded file not found Typical reason is that the file exceeded allowed limits. " message or the page crashes...
  6. devonmikeyboy

    Rubber backing for brake pads.

    Where can i buy the rubber backing that can be stuck on the back of brake pads to try and stop then rattling ?
  7. devonmikeyboy

    Official steel Audi sump gaurd.

    Just a few pics of the steel sump guard i had fitted last week just in case people thought you couldn`t get one to replace the **** plastic factory item which is useless.. It is an official Audi item so excellent fit and build quality.
  8. devonmikeyboy

    Extra long locking wheel bolts.

    Anyone recommend a place that sales a good set of 40mm long locking wheel bolts that are not made of soft cheese so the heads don`t get rounded off or rusted up over time and have the right seat to fit OZ Ultraleggera alloys?
  9. devonmikeyboy

    Lightweight alloys

    I am after some 18" lightweight alloys for my Audi A3. I have been looking at the usual OZ Ultraleggera in black which the best price i can find is at Rimstlye for £1169 HERE. Anyone know of where to get Ultraleggera`s at a better price or suggest any other good light alloys?
  10. devonmikeyboy

    Not Audi related but SAAB files for bankruptcy protection.