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    Head unit fascia trim, anybody used one of these?

    This is the one I use in my face life model It looks ok but its not piano black.
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    I use the ebay lead but with the registered ($99) softwIare with no problems at all. I drive up and down the M5, M6 from Devon to Burnley quite often if any one wants to use it.
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    Exhaust fitted and wow

    I have cat back exhaust, forge tip and I get average 26 mpg (based on dash display) but I have a heavy right foot !
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    Hello from a another newbie

    Just thought I'd pop over and register as I've spent many an hour reading through the forum.. Just got myself an 2001 s3.. pic.. I also have a registered copy of VCD's and lead if anyone near Torquay needs anything looked at, I often travel up the M5 / M6 to Burnley and always have my...